[Updated] PhonePe App Cashback Offers [Get more than Rs. 3500 cash back right now]


Phonepe is a digital platform used digitally for online payments, recharges, and many more things. The platform was founded by Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari, and Burzin Engineer in December 2015. The headquarters of the Phonepe is in Bangalore, India. The app is available in 11 different Indian languages and based on the UPI (Unified Payments Interface). The platform provides many services for its users. Some of these services are listed here.


Services provided by Phonepe:

phonepe services

  1. Mobile Recharges
  2. DTH Recharges
  3. Utility Payments
  4. Investment in tax saving funds
  5. Liquid Funds
  6. Mutual Funds
  7. Booking of ola rides, Redbus tickets
  8. Flight Services
  9. Hotel Services
  10. Order food online
  11. online shopping

Apart from these services, Phonepe also offers attractive cashback offers to its users on every recharge and transactions. Like Phonepe Gift card offer, Phonepe refers and earns offer and many more.

Trending Phonepe Cashback offers:

  1. Grab up to Rs. 150 Phonepe cashback on fuel bills.
  2. Win up to Rs. 50 Phonepe cashback on the first prepaid recharge.
  3. Win up to Rs. 50 Phonepe cashback on the first DTH recharge.
  4. Win up to Rs. 200 Phonepe cashback on ola rides.
  5. Win a scratch card on your first Jio recharge and get Rs. 180 cashbacks.
  6. Get up to Rs. 1000 Phonepe cashback on first credit card bill payment.
  7. Recharge with Rs. 35 and get up to Rs. 75 Phonepe cashback on airtel user.
  8. Get up to Rs. 1000 on payments via UPI.
  9. Get up to Rs. 1000 Phonepe cashback on the electricity bill.
  10. Refer and earn up to Rs. 100 Phonepe cashback.
  11. Win up to Rs. 1000 Phonepe cashback on your first gas bill.
  12. Get up to Rs. 1000 Phonepe cashback on your first broadband recharge.
  13. Get up to Rs. 1000 Phonepe cashback on your first water bill payment.
  14. 1000 Phonepe cashback on salebhai store.
  15. Cupon deals with different stores like Ajio, Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart.
  16. Shop and get up to Rs. 150 Phonepe cashback on ZopNow orders.
  17. 1000 Phonepe cashback on Pharmeasy orders.
  18. Earn up to 10% Phonepe cashback on booking of Aha Taxis.
  19. Get Rs. 30 Phonepe Cashback on Swiggy orders.
  20. Get Rs.100 Phonepe cashback on grocery and health products.

How to use Phonepe Cashback money?

Phonepe offers its users some new attractive cashback, scratch cards, and some hot deals this year. Some users got confused about how to use Phonepe cashback money. So, Now the process so that you can easily use your cashback.

  1. Login on to your Phonepe Account.
  2. Now click on view my Rewards Section.
  3. Find all unscratched cards.
  4. Swipe a scratch card to redeem it.
  5. Once redeemed, the cashback will be credited into your given bank account within 24 hours.

Nowadays, Phonepe is giving offers in which you can use this cashback for shopping and for redeeming apps. You can also buy and sell gold, and money will be credit into your account.

You can also use this money for mobile, DTH recharge, and other services provided by Phonepe.


Phonepe is a payment app for online payments, shopping, mobile, and DTH recharge. Apart from PhonePe, many digital platforms are available for all online transactions. Because of these digital platforms, it is easy to send, receive, and to shop anywhere. Phonepe also provides attractive cashback offers to its users. In this post, you can check out all trending cashback offers and deals provided by Phonepe for its users.

Top 5 Best Document Scanner APK (2020)


Are you still using big machines to scan a document and do a lot to store them in a secure place? In today’s life, it’s very crucial to use the shortcut to save time. Now you can use a document scanner app and scan document on the go and save and share them instantly. Convert one file type to another file type and keep them safe.

The best part is that you can do it by using your mobile phone! Yes, you read it right. You can scan documents and save them easily with the help of your mobile and that too for free! There in this article, I am going to talk about some of the best application using which you can scan documents and save them and use them in any place where you want.

Here is a complete list using which you can scan your document using your Android smartphone.

  1. Adobe Scan
  2. Microsoft Office lens
  3. Clear Scan
  4. Document Scanner
  5. Simple Scan

Adobe Scanner

The first document scanner app on our list is Adobe scan. This is a precise and excellent application in which you can scan your text, and the most enjoyable part is that you can convert the file type from one document type to another. They use superior technology also to maintain personal privacy. This is an entirely free application that you can download using Play Store. Still, you can use in-app purchases to access extra features.Le3t’s take a look at the features.


Use this mobile document scanner to turn anything into an Adobe PDF with content you can reuse from each PDF and photo scan. This app is also available as the best free scanner app for the iPhone.

Adobe scanner app download

Microsoft Office lens

Office Lens is a free document scanner that you can use to trim and improve and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable. You can use Office Lens to convert photos to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and save to your OneNote,  OneDrive, or your local storage. You can also send images that are already on your device using Gallery.


Scan and upload all your notes, receipts, and documents and also use it as a pdf scanner. Boost your productivity by reducing the time spent looking for documents or business cards. Draw your ideas and snap a picture for later. Whether you’re using it for business or study, Office Lens will surely help you store and share your documents in OneNote and OneDrive so you can all work together.

Microsoft Office Lens download


Clear Scanner is one of the best document scanning apps with hassle-free work that saves both time and money. Install this amazing free mini pocket scanner app now in your smartphones to scan any document or any other scanning work done in any part of the world and send the scanned image to anyone instantly.

  1. Automatically detect document and aspect correction
  2. Print PDF file via Cloud Print
  3. Open PDFs or JPEGs in other apps such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or send to the cloud.
  4. Extract Texts from Image OCR, transfer images to texts
  5. Backup & Restore your data manually in case you lose or change device

Clear scan download

Document Scanner

Document scanner comes in the 4th position on our best document scanner app list with lots of features. Although this also has similar features, you can print and fax the scanned doc directly from the app. And also there are some additional features as well in the app, which makes your document after editing more professional and pleasant to look.

Let’s take a look at the attractive features:

  1. Enhancement includes smart cropping and many more.
  2. Turn scans into clear and sharp PDF.
  3. Share PDF/JPEG files.
  4. You can directly print and fax scanned doc from the app.
  5. Upload document to the Google Drive, Dropbox etc.
  6. Scan QR Code/Bar-code, Create a QR Code, Share scanned QR Code.
  7. Converts your old documents into a clear and bright one

Document Scanner download

Simple Scan

This Simple Scanner is a document scanner app for android free download. Use this PDF document scanner application that you can use as a portable scanner. You can scan documents, photos, receipts, reports, or anything instantly. The scanned document will be saved to the device in image or PDF format. You can also buy a simple scan pro version to access more features.

Check Exciting features:

  1. Automatically upload JPG and PDF files to the cloud disk
  2. Backup and restore synchronization files between multiple devices
  3. E-mail, print, Fax instantly
  4. Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, WhatsApp, or more
  5. Wifi connects directly to your computer
  6. Support importing PDF files into JPG.

Simple Scan download


You can choose any app from our top 5 best document scanner app list and use them. There are so many app free document scanner app in the market many of them are fake or can steal you personal detail so you use our links to download original apps.

Whenever install any app please don’t blindly allow them to access your phone check which information they export from your phone.

Stay with RC CREATURE for more cool stuff.

Punctuation: The Most Essential Part of Your Writing(2020)


If you are a professional writer or author, then you understand the importance of punctuation in your writing for sure. Punctuation plays an important role in writing articles and you can never imagine a well-written article without using the correct punctuation.  Punctuation marks are tiny characters that are made up of strokes and dots. The punctuation marks are also sneaky and tricky. It can be used to separate thoughts within your essay or article. Without proper punctuation, you are just writing an article full of meaningless words. Your articles readers will ignore going through your articles and leaves a bad impression for sure if it lacks punctuation.

Importance of Punctuation:

Writers can take the help of various writing tools available in the market at an affordable price. With the help of these tools, you can easily focus on your punctuation part while writing articles for your clients or essay for your teacher. You can use Grammarly free trial access for improving your writing skills as it can help in finding punctuation mistakes you have made in your article. It is free to use and you do not have to pay anything for using it for sure.

Punctuations used not only to clarify ideas but also to group words logically. It is not possible to get clarity and coherence by resorting to the basics; merely using periods and commas. By using punctuations, you can create variety and spice up your high-quality articles. They help in bringing your words to life, just as tone and phrasing do while speaking.

You should use punctuation sparingly. As an experienced author or writer, you should know what punctuation to use and when you should use it. It is very distracting for the readers when sentences are punctuated needlessly and excessively. Always go for the right punctuation which can help in enhancing your overall written works. They help in producing comprehensive messages, well structured which results to perfect communication.

If you find yourself facing issues with the use of punctuations, whether it is the right use of exclamations or proper use of commas, then you can easily keep it from affecting your work badly with the help of a reliable writing tool like Grammarly. Most of the genuine ones will deeply review your punctuations use and must catch many of your transgressions. There are many professionals writers and authors all around the world who prefer using these writing tools for enhancing their overall writing skills in terms of punctuation and sentence structure.


At last, you should focus more on the punctuation part while writing articles for your blog or website for sure. By focusing more on it, your website readers will attract more towards your articles results in getting more profitability. Writers can also use Grammarly for improving their writing skills and check the sentence or punctuation errors for their contents. So, make sure you are giving high priority to your content punctuations as it is an essential part of your writing.

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How to Write an Engineering Lab Report? (2020)

Engineering Lab Report Writing

Engineering Lab Report Writing Tips : Many students frequently write laboratory reports. These are very difficult but captivating academic assignments. They require some time, great patience, in-depth knowledge, and advanced writing skills. Some students aren’t always good at writing a lab report and sometimes they require some help. This task becomes even more complicated when they should write it on engineering.

One of the options is to use the assistance of a credible writing service. Smart youngsters simply place online search requests similar to “write a lab report for me” and study the possible helping websites. Professional writing services like WriteMyPaperHub can successfully handle even such complex projects as laboratory reports. Another way is to read our smart guide, which provides efficient tips to write a perfect laboratory report on engineering.

Choose a Relevant Topic

Your first objective is to choose a great topic. It mustn’t be too broad and you’re expected to narrow it to a specific question on engineering. Your topic should focus on a relevant problem, which is unsolved or unstudied. You’ll show the helpfulness of your research offering efficient solutions. Study the currently relevant topics on engineering to find effective and meaningful ideas.

Know and Understand All Writing Sections


Keep in mind that a laboratory report consists of multiple sections. Each has a specific purpose and you ought to be confident that you understand them. Here is a list with short descriptions of each writing section:

  • Abstract. It always comes first and sheds light on the key moments of the research. You should briefly explain your purpose and the results you’ve achieved.
  • Introduction. This section explains why you’ve chosen a concrete topic. It also implements a thesis statement.
  • Literature review. Writing this section, you ought to mention all the literature sources you’ve used to complete your report.
  • Methodology. This part highlights the methods you’ve used to gather information. It’s also necessary to analyze the way you’ve done that.
  • Results. Represents the received results using text and visual support. However, you simply represent the raw results with no discussions and personal opinion.
  • Discussion. Writing this part, you should evaluate and comment on the results of your research. Explain the results, compare literature, and tell how your project can be used in a broader context.
  • Conclusion. Your final section briefly restates the main purpose and achievements of your lab report on engineering. It should also mention what is left to study, all the shortcomings, strengths, future researches, etc.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Your laboratory report on engineering will be limited by a certain deadline. You cannot violate it or you’ll lose many important grades. Consequently, it’s important to use your time reasonably. We recommend creating a working schedule, which includes at least 2-3 hours of researching, writing, and polishing your laboratory report. If your deadline is near, the number of learning hours must be increased. Here are the necessary measures to implement:

  • Identify your major objectives;
  • Prioritize your tasks and duties;
  • Set realistic deadlines;
  • Limit the time spent on social media;
  • Don’t watch too many movies;
  • Avoid playing video games;
  • Become an attentive reader;
  • Make frequent but brief breaks;
  • Sleep enough to restore your energy.

Make Your Engineering Lab Report Readable and Informative

It’s very important to write a readable lab report. It contains a lot of information and various sections. Each section is supposed to be straight to the point and stick to the purpose mentioned previously on our guide.

One of the reasons why so many texts become unreadable and hard to understand is the length of sentences and paragraphs. If your sentences are too long, your readers may mess up vital points and even forget what was in the beginning. Break lengthy parts into the smaller ones. Try to divide your paragraphs into equal parts as well. For example, every paragraph shouldn’t be longer than 7-8 sentences.

Give heed to your examples and visual support. You’ll make any text more readable if you add graphs, tables, bullet lists, diagrams, etc. Implement them smoothly and logically.

This piece of writing is scientifically-based. Consequently, you should use trustworthy proofs that your theory is correct. You’re expected to be informative. Add clear examples when they are necessary and thus, you’ll explain what your theory means.

Revise and Improve

The last step consists of editing and proofreading. Nobody is perfect and you’ll definitely make some mistakes. Accordingly, it’s essential to revise your project several times using different methods. Read aloud, in your head, and from the end to the beginning. Each method has its benefits. Besides, you should implement special grammar and plagiarism checking applications to detect mistakes.

Every time you’re assigned an engineering lab report, remember this article. It contains universal prompts and tips, which suit any topic. Moreover, you may apply them to many other academic assignments to avoid mistakes and receive the highest grades.

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How to Improve Your Internet Privacy? (2020)


How to Improve Your Internet Privacy : The Internet took over the world by storm ever since it came into existence. With the widespread use of the internet in almost every sector comes the raising concerns on data privacy and security.

You often hear about data breached, strangers, looking at your photos shared on social media platforms, various installed applications accessing your personal information and the list goes on. You do not need to get disappointed because there is hope. You do have control over the data you share via the internet. All you need to do is to pay attention to your privacy online. It all begins with you asking yourself about who are the best internet providers near me? You must opt for a reliable and secure internet service provider to help you protect your data such as Mediacom internet connection and the likes that are leading the US market across the country.

Here’s the Best 6 Tips to Improve Your Internet Privacy :

Social Privacy Settings

It is important to check out your privacy settings when you are using social media platforms. Generally, the social accounts give you authority over the extent of information you want to share with everyone. You can decide the amount of information that should be visible to any stranger who views your profile. Therefore, you must adjust your social media account privacy settings for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter straight away.

Avoid Using Public Storage

It is recommended to avoid using any online storage services to store any personal data. There are many online storage tools available including Dropbox or Google Docs. They might not always prove reliable for sensitive personal information. For instance, avoid storing your passwords or personal documents in such public storage tools.

Prevent Tracking

Often you do not realize while visiting different websites that they are accessing your information. Your surfing history might be used by marketers to reach out to you for ads and other marketing purposes. Incognito mode does not always help to prevent tracking. There are some special tools available that can prove helpful in protecting you from web tracking.

Protect your Email Address and Phone Number

It is highly important to keep your email address and phone number private. They should not be visible to others. If so, you end up receiving tons of spams and numerous robocalls on your phone number. There are times when you need to share your contact details on the internet because of certain reasons. However, you must always avoid sharing your email address or phone number on any social media platform or to random people. You can use a separate email address if you are required to use it on the internet for online shopping or other purposes.

Use of Encrypted Apps




Most of the modern apps usually come with end-to-end encryption. Especially the messaging apps ensure that the service provider cannot read the messages. This helps in ensuring maximum privacy and security to your personal information.

Use of Secure Password

You should never take the risk of using a weak password for protecting your personal information. That might get you into trouble. Always choose a long, complicated and strong password so that it becomes impossible for anyone to access your data. You can use various password managers to save your passwords in case you forget them.

These are some simple yet effective ways that can help you secure your data and save your accounts against any unwanted activity. Try them out and enjoy safe browsing!


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Top 5 Social Messaging App (2020)


Hello, Welcome back again in our website, today we are going to discuss about top five best social messaging apps of 2020, so without going deeply into intro, let’s start reading full article.


The app is one of the fast and personal messaging apps among people. it had more than a billion users all over the world. This app also allows you to create high-quality video calls which are also free of cost.


For the use of this app, you just need a data connection or WiFi connection to work. You can also make unlimited voice and video calls. Through the option of self- destruct you can create secret chats. It also provides a feature to create a Viber community with limitless members as your wish. It also gives a feature to secure and hide your messages. All these features make Viber a unique identity among different platforms and also among people.


GB Whatsapp

All we know about Whats app but only some of us knew about GB Whats app. Here you know about GBWhatsapp  app and its amazing features. It has different features than its official app.


It allows you to send messages to 600 people at once and you can send 90 images at just one click instead of the 30 images. It also allows you to write status up to 255 character which is so different from its original app. It also allows you to make dual accounts. It also provides a feature to separate personal and professional messages. It is also so simple to use. Whats app is an updated or new version of Whats app. There is also no difficulty in downloading this app.



Was created in March 2006 but it was launched in July of that year. In 2018 it has more than 321 million monthly active users. Twitter has a logo called “twitter Bird”.

Credit : sproutsocial.com

It is an American micro-blogging and social networking service in which users may post and connect to other peoples through text messages known as ”tweets”. Registered accounts on twitter can post, can like, and can retweet tweets, but peoples with no accounts on twitter have no access to all these options but they can read-only. Twitter is based in San Francisco, California and it has more than 25 offices all around the world.



is a free messaging alternative to cellular text messages and it provides an option for sending the text , photos, videos, and many more amazing features. It is available in all smartphones such as iOS, Android, Blackberry phones and Java.


It also introduces to some different features you have never seen and used before such as in privacy and security option. it does not provide end-to-end encryption instead of this. it provides a feature of transport encryption so that our message is encrypted between the users and the WeChat servers. It also provides different types of messaging methods which include text messaging, voice messages, and something different as a walkies talkie and as common stickers.


Is a messaging and free video chat app that allows users to connect through the use of WI-Fi or Data connection? This app IMO is available in both smartphones iOS and Androids. It is also safe for kids and children with adult supervision. It is somewhat related to Whats App and has similar functions such as sending and receiving unlimited text messages and can make both voice and video call for IMO users.


After the installation and opening the app from the app drawer you need to make an account for which you will need to fill your mobile number and some more information that are necessary. It is very simple to use just like other apps. You will find dozens of messaging apps on each platform but IMO is a favorite of peoples on both smartphones iOS and Android.

I hope you like this amazing post, keep sharing this post as much as you can, Thanks for visiting here.

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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 -108 Megapixel [A to Z Features] [2020]


Xiaomi the fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world will finally enter the Indian market.

Already, the products of partner companies, such as smart bands and mobile batteries, invested by the company under the structure of “Mi Ecosystem” have already landed in India. Also, Black Shark, a gaming smartphone manufacturer also invested by Xiaomi, was released in India in the spring of 2019.


Finally,the main smartphone will be introduced.The product that Xiaomi chose as the first smartphone for India was the latest news model Mi Note 10 announced overseas in November 2019. In China, it is sold under the name “Mi CC9 Pro”.

The biggest feature is the adoption of a high-resolution sensor with 100 megapixels in the main camera.

In addition to the main camera (wide angle), two telephoto cameras, a super-wide-angle camera, and a macro camera are added to form a Penta camera lined up with five cameras on the back.

The specs with the impact of “100 megapixels” and “5-eye camera” may make it easier for people who
did not know Xiaomi to realize that “Somewhat smartphones have come out”. There are many parts of
concern such as “MIUI” packed with various unique functions, but first of all, I would like to use the camera of interest. If we reconfirm the role of the five cameras, the main camera with 108 megapixels is equipped with a frequently used 82-degree wide-angle lens. The super wide-angle camera has 20megapixels and can capture a wide range of 117 degrees.
One of the telephoto cameras has an angle of view equivalent to double the optics with respect to the main camera.

It uses a large 12-megapixel sensor, and according to Xiaomi’s Zan, it is a sensor of the class used for main cameras on other companies' devices. The other telephoto camera has an angle of view equivalent to 5 times optical and the number of pixels is reduced to 5 megapixels.

This is used for hybrid zoom up to 10x and digital zoom up to 50x. Price of Mi Note 10 is Rs 40,000 In India

The number of smartphones that can shoot from ultra-wide-angle to telephoto is increasing, but it isnew to use a camera that emphasizes image quality when the telephoto is about twice as large, and a camera with OIS that is more than 5 times when camera shake is a concern. These four can handle mostsituations, but it is rare to have a camera for macro photography. By approaching 2cm, you can get close to the subject and get the details.

The combination of five cameras with different characteristics allows you to shoot various scenes with one smartphone, and the image quality is good even when using a camera other than the main camera.

In particular, it is convenient to take beautiful pictures in a dark place even with a double telephoto.
Once I bought this model, I wanted to cover only with the Mi Note 10 Pro camera, and to see how far it could be used for work.

However, the touch focus and shutter sound are loud compared to other models, and it is a regrettable
volume that can be bothered indoors. It may be cautious only with a camera that can capture everything clearly.

By the way, the shutter sound of the screenshot is not sounded.Returning to camera performance, the main camera does not always shoot at 108 megapixels, but in the normal shooting mode, 4 megapixels are combined into one to improve image quality, 27 megapixels Photographed equivalents.

If you choose 108MP mode, you can use a 100-megapixel sensor and take12032 x 9032-pixel photos. Considering the file size and uploading to SNS, it seems to be better to use it
in this time rather than always taking 100 megapixels.

How to Download Instagram Plus in iPhone ?


How do i download and install Instagram++ via Alltrickszone app: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter etc are the the largest part  of well-known social media apps that are decision the world at present. independently, they have a lot of unique features. Especially, Instagram is one among the most favorite social networking apps which allows you to share your photos and videos with your family or friends to make the world easier by getting  connected with the latest updates.

Instagram++ on iOS AllTricksZone

So Guys, if you also have iPhone or iPad in your own pocket, So you can try it. In this simple tutorial, I will let you know, how to download and install Instragram++ app using alltrickszone on your iOS devices. Similar Social Media Tweaked Application.

The developers of Instagram would never have thinking that Instagram will turn into so popular that the reputation of the application will require the social media giant, Facebook, to buy Instagram. these days, almost, all of good reputation brands have a digital marketing strategy that focuses on Instagram.

Why Instagram ++ is Popular

You do not need to jail breaking your iPhone/iPad for installing Instagram++. However, you need to keep in brain, that you cannot have the original Official Instagram app and Instagram++ jointly on a single iOS device. For installing Instagram++, you have to uninstall the original Instagram application. departure forward, let us have a appear at some of the major features of Instagram++

Is Instagram++ safe to install?

Cydia Impector on AllTricksZone content policy states that any application existing on their third party app store “MUST NOT harm the device or device owner”. According to Cydia IPA, the apps offered on Cyadia Impector are reviewed inside for malicious code and constancy. We have spoken to a company commissioner on the matter, and this is what he had to say: “We guarantee that using the apps from the Cydia Impector is safe for the gadget and users’ private data.”

Though, This Cydia Impector does not claim any responsibility for any action taken against the user by original app developers (for example, disabling of accounts), for the use of tweaked apps. Because Cydia Impector is just use to as a App Installer on your iPhone Device.

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Instagram++ on iOS | Features:

A query might have come in your mind whether it is significance uninstalling the original Instagram App and installing Instagram++. Well! The decision is completely yours. However, you must know the features of Instagram++ before taking a call.

  • Instagram++ allows you to share photos/videos directly from the app itself.
  • You can even download a photo/video from Instagram++. For that, simply double tap on the thumbnail of the photograph.
  • In the original Instagram application, if you notice, you have to tap on a video to play sound. However, in Instagram++, you can set your feed to always play sound.
  • The ultimate feature of Instagram++ is that you can disable the read receipts in the messaging section of Instagram.


About AllTricksZone.com to get Instagram++ on iOS device

AllTricksZone is a third party site which has many premium things or gaming apps for free of cost. You can download and get pleasure from them for free of cost. With its wonderful features, it has gained lots of reputation in very less time. Even though there are many apps of its kind like WhatsApp Dp Change, Browser Hang, Download Instagram ++ ipa for iPhone forever one step ahead than its generation. Alltrickszone is available for both Android and iOS users. Here, even you don’t need to jailbreak your device.

Install Instagram++ without jailbreak

Cydia Impector up is a third party app store that enable you to install apps from outside the App Store without having to jailbreak your iOS device. Instagram++ is available on the Cydia Impector, and so, you can install it from here without having to jailbreak your device. Cydia Impector uses a paid subscription-based model, and costs $9.99 per year per device. But here you can get it free of cost.

Note: Instagram++ is a tweaked application and has the same Bundle ID code as that of the official. As such, you can’t keep both the original and tweaked version of the app installed at the same time on the same device. You must uninstall the original or previous version of Instagram++ app in order to install the updated version of instagram.

How to Download Instagram++ from Alltrickszone on iOS

Step 1: First Download Cydia Impector from Here and Instagram plus plus file from Here – Download


Step 2: Connect Your Device with Computer Using USB Cable


Step 3: Open Cydia Impector Software to proceed next to Use Instagram++ in your iPhone. iOS device smartphone.


Step 4: Drag and Drop the IPA file which yi=ou have downloaded in Step 1


Step 5: Cydia Impector Software will ask you to Enter Apple Id and password which is verified with Apple device onlym Used to Signed the IPA File.

If You are not Feeling Comfortable Providing it and then Create an Alternative Apple Id and Apple Password that instead.


Step 6: After Successfully Installed app in your apple ios Device goto Settings >> General >>> Profile and Device >> Management >> Find your Apple Profile id and open it.


Step 7: Click on the Trust Button on your Apple phone to install Instagram plus +


Step 8: Then Open the app and enjoy.


Instagram ios iphone for your Device.

As you all know Instagram++ is a tweaked version of the official iOS app, which makes Instagram easier and extra suitable to use for some more features. It also improves on the UI, and introduce demanding features, such as photo/video downloads and sharing, etc.

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Conclusion: Instagram++ on iOS Without Jailbreak

That’s it this one is one of the best way to Get Iphone Instagram plus plus ipa on your device to do various task with your iPhone device. You have Successfully installed Instagram++ on iOS without jailbreak. In case you face any issues while installing the application, let us know about the same in the comments section provided below

How Credit Scores Can Help to Implement Business Ideas ?

How Credit Scores Can Help to Implement Business Ideas

If you are in business, then you have probably heard that improving your credit score puts the business in a better position to get financial help. Yes, this is very true. A good credit score for the business is a doorway to success.

The goal of the business is to grow from what it is now to a bigger venture and even cross borders to serve international customers. This can only happen when the vision is clear and strategies to take it to such heights are achievable.

When Opportunity Knocks

Small businesses have an equal chance to grow their credit scores just like the big ones. However, beginners have a big job to do to get a healthy credit score. When an opportunity to grow the business comes up, both small and large entities may need a loan or other financial help. In this case, its creditworthiness will be a significant determinant for lenders. Most if not all lenders prefer to lend to businesses that have a high credit score and a healthy history for that matter.

From this, it is crucial for businesses to take credit score growth seriously if they want to have a smooth time implementing their business ideas in the future. For more information on how to grow the business credit score, visit the Boostcredit101 website as they have invaluable insights.

Sourcing Funds with a Poor Credit Score

You have probably come across some lenders who claim to lend to businesses with poor credit scores so that they can implement their business ideas. While this is possible, it comes at a cost of high interest rates. They see your case as having a high risk of defaulting and apply high interest rates.

In this case, the business will have higher repayment rates and the overall amount paid back will also be very high. This strangles your dream to grow the business at a certain rate and implement other future business ideas.

According to financial experts, this should be the last resort for a business. But the best thing is to focus on making their credit better to avoid such a situation.

How to Grow the Business Credit Score

It is pretty simple when there is a good strategy. There are many ways of improving the figure, and it is the entrepreneur’s responsibility to ensure that they are followed.

First, repaying any loans and debts in a timely manner will add a good credit history to your file. This should be followed by a request to the lenders to forward the information to the credit reporting companies, especially when the business is new.

If your business does not have a credit card, it is time to get one. You can add a second one if you have been using the first one for some time now. Most importantly, managing these cards well will greatly improve the credit score.

As a business, it is important to add a tradeline into your credit history. Simply establish this with suppliers and vendors or buy them from a reliable company. They will boost the credit at a fast pace.

Together with all the above tips, you need to monitor your business credit history more often and dispute any discrepancies promptly. With all of these tips, your business credit score will grow at a fast pace and implementing your future business ideas will be very easy.


Parivahan Sewa (LL/DL) – Basic to Advance (2020)

parivahan sewa sarthi

What is Parivahan?

Parivahan Sewa is also known as transport or transportation which means the movement of something from one location to another location. It can be divided into many categories like vehicles, infrastructure, and operations.But here we are talking about vehicles like2 wheeler Scootty, bike and 4 wheeler cars, trucks, bus and so.


There are modes of parivahan like water, road, air, space and so on. The infrastructure of parivahan consists of the fixed installation, including airways, waterways, canals, pipeline and terminals and so on. 

So here we will discuss everything about parivahan sewa, what kind of services the government provide us through parivahan sewa, how to apply for parivahan sewa, how to check RC/DL status and so on.



What is Parivahan Sewa?


Here the question comes that what is parivahan sewa?

So of this question is that a registration certificate and driving license is issued by RTOs that are valid all over India.


parivahan sewa
Parivahan Sewa Official Site


It was necessary to define some standards of these documents at the pan-India level to secure difference, reality, information, and availability at the time. There are some benefits to this service.


  1. Parivahan sewa provides better services to transport and citizens.
  2. Parivahan sewa helps in quick implementations of government services from time to time.
  3. This service improved the image of government and department of transport.

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Online Services of Parivahan Sewa :

There are many online services provided by parivahan sewa for peoples ease. Here is the list of these online services provided by parivahan sewa.
parivahan sewa
  • Services related to vehicles 
  • Services related to driving license(DL)
  • Check post-tax service for many states 
  • Fancy number booking online service
  • Know your license online service
  • Know your vehicle details online service
  • e-authorization card online service

Services Related to Vehicles :

Online services by parivahan sewa related to vehicles include payment gateway and third-party banks for Vahan chalan application. In the case of the delayed response of your application by banks or by payment gateways, you need to wait for at least 1-2 hours.

After that, you can use the “check pending” option to check the latest status and print the receipt if application is already successful


In case of application failure, you need to try again. Here are some steps that how to enjoy online services related to vehicles.


  • First of all, enter any valid vehicle registration number and then click on the “proceed” option.
  • To choose an online service you want to enjoy by clicking on the respective services under “online services“menu.
  • Enter your chassis and mobile number
  • Enter the OTP (One Time Password) received on your registered mobile number and click on the “show details” button.
  • Enter all the required details displayed in the form.
  • Click on the “submit” button and make payment through your card.
  • After payment confirmation print the receipt.
  • After that, you can book an appointment in RTOs( if it is applicable) for verification process. 
  • After that visit the receptive RTO with your documents.


Services Related to Driving License :

There are many online driving license related services provided by parivahan sewa such as
  • Apply online
  • Upload documents
  • Book an appointment
  • Fee or payments
  • Modify your application


Apply Online:


parivahan sewa sarathi


There are many services under this service. So here is a list of these services which comes under the apply online option.


    • New learners license
    • New driving license
    • The issue of learners license for the expired class of vehicles.
    • Services of learners license.
    • Services on the driving license(renewal, duplicate, others).
    • New conductor license
    • Services on conductor license
    • Temporary conductor license
    • Regularize provisional conductor license
    • Check application status
    • Related applications.
    • Find application number.
    • Cancel application.
    • Camp registration.


New Learners License :


Here are described certain stages that should be followed for issuing your learners license and how you can fill the application form online.


parivahan sewa sarathi
1. Fill all the applicant details as mentioned in the form.
2. Upload all the documents that are being asked.
3. Upload your photograph and scanned signature..
4. Learners License Test slot booking
5. Then the final step is to pay the fees authorised.


New Driving License :

If you are bewildered about the fact that how you can fill the application form for the new driving license online.
Then here are stated certain steps that can be followed to apply for the driving license online.


  1. Fill all the personal details in the form.
  2. Upload the documents as required in the form application.
  3. Upload your photograph and signature of required(applicable for only some states).
  4. Book the test slot booking for driving license(Note : applicable only in some states).
  5. Final step is to go for the fee payment.Check this Video for more details :

                 (Video Credit : Driving Licence Advisor )


Issue of Learners License for Expired class of Vehicles :


Open the application form online.

  1. First step is to fill the Expired License Number
  2. Fill your date of birth.
  3. Then “submit” your form.
parivahan sewa


Points to note here are:

  1. If the license number contains spaces then write spaces.
  2. If the LL number is RJ14/0001234/2017
Example 1: Enter LL number as    RJ14 <space>/0001234/2017
Example 2: If the DL number: MH01 20170001234
Enter the DL number as   MH01<space>20170001234


Services On Learners License :

To know the services on learners license there is also a form to be filled. When you fill the following details you will come to know the personal services.
  • Fill your Learners License Number
  • And next Your Date of Birth & Click on “Proceed”
  • After filling this you can proceed to your license services.

Services on Driving License: 

Following are the services for driving license 

  • Renewal of DL
  • Issue duplicate of DL
  • Additional Endorsement to DL
  • Issue of PSV badge to a driver
  • Change if address in DL


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  • Change of Name in DL
  • Replacement of DL
  • Change if Biometrics in DL
  • Endorsement to Drive Hazardous Material
  • Endorsement to Drive in Hill Region
  • DL extract
  • Issue of NOC
  • Issue International Driving Permit
  • Cancellation of NOC
  • Change of Date of Birth in DL
  • Surrender of PSV/COV Badge
  • AEDL for Defence DL Holder
  • COV conversion(applicable only in some states)


New Conductor License :

To submit the application form for issuing conductor license, you have to follow certain steps:
  1. Fill all the details of the applicant.
  2. Upload the documents if asked.
  3. Upload Photograph and Signature if required.
  4. Payment of fee.


Services on Conductor License :

For the application of conductor services you need to fill an application form which includes:
1. Fill conductor license number
2. your date of birth
After filling this you need to submit it so as to know the services.

Temporary Conductor License :

For the application there are certain stages that needs to be passed. 
  1. Fill all the details of the applicant.
  2. Upload documents if required
  3. Upload photograph and signature.
  4. Payment of fees
After this “submit” your form.


Regular Provisional Conductor License :

For this also there are just two steps. Open the form to convert temporary CL to Permanent CL.
  1. Fill the temporary CL number.
  2. Fill the application number
  3. Submit the form.


Application Status :

parivhan sewa sarthi spplication status


For checking application status online, you just need to write two fill-ups.

  1. Write your application number.
  2. Write your date of birth.
  3. Then submit the form and check the application status.

Search Related Applications :

By just entering the application number or DL number or LL number, one can know and retrieve all the applications submitted by any applicant.
  1. Write the search criteria.
  2. Write your date of birth.
  3. Submit the form.


Find the Application Number :

Search Criteria for uploading the application details.
1.Select State Name.
2.Select State Code.


Cancel Application :

For the application cancellation, just fill a form which includes:
1.Write your application number.
2.Write your date of birth.

3. Submit the form.


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Camp Registration :

For the camp registration, a form needs to be filled which includes:
  1. Write your application number
  2. Fill your date of birth.
  3. Fill captcha.
  4. Submit your form.


Upload Documents :

In this section, you can upload your documents for DL or LL. Like your signature, photo and all other documents needed.
1.Upload your documents/ scanned images.
2.Upload photograph / signature.
3.View your documents.

Upload your documents/scanned images  :

To upload your documents or scanned images you have to select the option to “upload documents/scanned images” under the “upload document” section. 


Here you have to enter your application number and date of birth and click on the submit button. After submitting it, you can view the details about your application status and upload your documents.


Upload Photograph/ Signature :


apply sarthi parivahan sewa


To upload your photograph and signature first select the option “upload photograph/signature” under the “upload document ” section. 


  • Here first you have to enter your application number and date of birth
  • Click on the get details option. 
  • After that, you will get all the details about your application form.
  • After verification of all documents click on the save photo and signature image file option to complete the file uploading process.


View Your Documents :


To view your documents first choose the “view details” option under the upload documents section. 

  • After that fill your application number and date of birth
  • Click on the submit button. 
  • After submitting, you can view the details of your uploaded documents. 


Book an Appointment :

In this section, you can book an appointment online in RTO for DL or LL skill test. You can book an appointment for these two


  • Learners license test
  • Services on your driving license

Learners License Test :

To book an appointment for learners license test first you have to enter these details


  • Application number
  • Date of birth
  • Verification code( received by your registered mobile number)
  • And a captcha given in the last.

Services on Your DL :

To know about all these services first you to enter all the details as you do it for the learner’s license test.
  • Application number
  • Date of birth
  • Verification code( received on your registered mobile number)
  •  And a captcha gave in the last.

Fee or Payments :


parivahan sewa sarthi

After completing the whole application process now comes on to the fee or payment section. Here are some steps so that can easily pay online


  • First, select application fee under E-payment section.
  • Enter your application number and date of birth.
  • After that click on click here to calculate button.
  • Verify your details.
  • Select bank/ gateway.
  • Enter generated code.
  • Click on pay now button to Confirm the payment.


Modify your Application :

To modify your application, 

First choose the modify application option. Then select your “type” and then modify your application according to your type( like learner)


  • Add the class of vehicles.
  • Add your transactions.
  • Changement on learners license validity
  • Service withdrawn by the applicant.
  • Application edit( only learners license)
  • Learners license edit entry.


Add the Class of Vehicles :


In this section, you can add the class of your vehicle

  • First, fill the application number & your date of birth 
  • Click on the “submit” button.

Add Your Transactions :

In this section, you can add your transactions
  • First fill the application number & your date of birth 
  • Click on the “submit” button. 

Changement on LL (Learners License) Validity :


To change learners license validity for testing purpose,

  • Choose the to change of LL validity under modify application section. 
  • Then fill the license number and click on the “submit” button. Thus you can change the validity of learners license.

Service Withdrawn by the Applicant :

To modify the service withdrawn by the applicant,
  • First choose the service withdrawn by the applicant option under the “modify application section”
  • Then fill the application number, date of birth
  •  Press “submit” & Modify your services.

Application Edit (only for learners) :


To edit the application details, 

  • Choose the application edit option under the modify application section.
  • Then fill the application number, date of birth
  • Click on the submit button. 

Thus you can edit your application.


Learners License Edit Entry :

To edit the learner’s license entry, first choose the learner’s license edit entry under the “Modify application section”. Then enter the details like
  • Learner license number/application number
  • Date of birth
  • State
  • RTO
Then click on the “submit” button. Like this you can edit the license entry.

Check Post-Tax Service :

The platform is for providing online services to citizens under one roof. The services are being started for online check post-tax services for a tax payment of vehicles

  • You can log on the portal for any internet access point and pay all your due taxes through net banking.
  • Once you log on to the system and provide the details of your vehicles, the software calculates and display the total amount of tax. 
  • If you choose the make payment option the system redirects you to an internet banking site where you can make the payment through net banking. 
  • After the payment confirmation software generates a detailed receipt for you which can be printed by you for your record.

Fancy Number Booking Online Service :

Here we are talking about online services of parivahan. Like all these services mentioned above, fancy number booking is also an online service. 

parivahan sewa
(Fancy/Choice Number Implementation Chart)


  • You can book a fancy number of your choice through this mode either before or after the purchase of any vehicle. 
  • But if you are booking a fancy number after the purchase of your vehicle, then you will have to adhere the time limit.


Know Your License Details :

To know your license details,

  • First choose the “know license detail” option under the “online services” section. 
  • Then enter your license number, date of birth and the verification code given below.
  • After that click on the suit button and know your license details.

Know Your Vehicle Details :

To know your vehicle detail,

  • First choose the “know vehicle detail” option under the “online services” section. 
  • Then enter your license number and a verification code is given below.
  • After that click on the “submit”button and know the details of your vehicle.

e-Authorisation-card :


To e-Authorisation-card first choose the e-Authorisation card option under the “online services” section. Then fill all the details mentioned 

sarthi parivahan sewa 2019


  • Registration number
  • Password
  • Driving license number
  • Mobile number of owner
  • Mobile number of driver
  • Captcha code

Wrapping Up:

So, we were talking about parivahan and parivahan sewa sarathi & its online services available for citizens. 

Hope it helps you a lot . Do Let me know what did you like or not  in this post in comment box below !! And yes, share this post to your friends, family & others who need to know this. Thank You !!

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