The ‘Kamikaze’ drone that hit the Ukrainian capital Kyiv? Explanation

A wave of suicide drones loaded with explosives is said to have hit the Ukrainian capital Kyiv with a “Kamikaze” drone.

A wave of suicide drones laden with explosives is said to have struck Ukraine’s capital Kyiv on Monday with a “Kamikaze” drone or Iranian-made loitering ammunition.

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, a senior research fellow at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, in a conversation with the ANI, explained what these drones are and whether they will exacerbate and exacerbate the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

“They are not a new type of weapon. The technology has been around for at least the last 15 years. It is an evolution of various weapon systems that are essentially nothing more than cruise missiles.”

Before explaining what the Kamikaze drone is, the expert explained the capabilities of the cruise missile to help you understand the difference between the two. An expert pointed out that cruise missiles are precision-guided missiles loaded with bombs when they self-destruct in the process, as they are basically aircraft that do not return to the base.

Comparing these cruise missiles to the Kamikaze Drones to help understand the technology, expert Abhijit said both are very similar.

He explained, however, that “the Kamikaze Drone is a short range attached to an aircraft that detaches from the aircraft after the pilot decides at the last minute who to fire at and which target to fire.”

“The important thing is that you can make last-minute decisions about what your target is. Cruise missiles are perfect for cruise missiles at the time they are launched, but here (with Kamikaze Drones) you can make last-minute decisions. ”

Another thing about the Kamikaze drone is that it is a relatively inexpensive option as the technology becomes cheaper and the remote control function becomes cheaper as well.

“That’s why you can call it a democratization of technology. It’s a cheap, smart option. So the Kamikaze drone is really no different from a cruise missile, it’s just a roaming aircraft loaded with bombs.” There is a map war on that,” he added.

Asked whether this would escalate and deepen the conflict between the two countries, the expert said it would not bring new capabilities, but would harden US attitudes toward Iranians geopolitically.

“This isn’t a new class of weapon. In that sense, it doesn’t bring any particular new capacity aside from some kind of cost savings. So it won’t change much. What we’ve seen is just going to go on for quite some time. Someday. It’s impossible to predict, but it doesn’t change anything in a crash.”

He further said that “geopolitically, the only thing that can change is to strengthen the US attitude towards Iran.”

“Remember, there is a nuclear agreement they currently want to renegotiate or rather reverse right now. Iran accepted the agreement, but it was Trump who canceled the deal. So things will be more difficult because you see America. , then They alienated the Russians, they alienated the Saudis and the emirates, and now they are alienating the Iranians,” the expert said.

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