Xiaomi Mi Note 10 -108 Megapixel [A to Z Features] [2020]

Xiaomi the fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world will finally enter the Indian market.

Already, the products of partner companies, such as smart bands and mobile batteries, invested by the company under the structure of “Mi Ecosystem” have already landed in India. Also, Black Shark, a gaming smartphone manufacturer also invested by Xiaomi, was released in India in the spring of 2019.


Finally,the main smartphone will be introduced.The product that Xiaomi chose as the first smartphone for India was the latest news model Mi Note 10 announced overseas in November 2019. In China, it is sold under the name “Mi CC9 Pro”.

The biggest feature is the adoption of a high-resolution sensor with 100 megapixels in the main camera.

In addition to the main camera (wide angle), two telephoto cameras, a super-wide-angle camera, and a macro camera are added to form a Penta camera lined up with five cameras on the back.

The specs with the impact of “100 megapixels” and “5-eye camera” may make it easier for people who
did not know Xiaomi to realize that “Somewhat smartphones have come out”. There are many parts of
concern such as “MIUI” packed with various unique functions, but first of all, I would like to use the camera of interest. If we reconfirm the role of the five cameras, the main camera with 108 megapixels is equipped with a frequently used 82-degree wide-angle lens. The super wide-angle camera has 20megapixels and can capture a wide range of 117 degrees.
One of the telephoto cameras has an angle of view equivalent to double the optics with respect to the main camera.

It uses a large 12-megapixel sensor, and according to Xiaomi’s Zan, it is a sensor of the class used for main cameras on other companies' devices. The other telephoto camera has an angle of view equivalent to 5 times optical and the number of pixels is reduced to 5 megapixels.

This is used for hybrid zoom up to 10x and digital zoom up to 50x. Price of Mi Note 10 is Rs 40,000 In India

The number of smartphones that can shoot from ultra-wide-angle to telephoto is increasing, but it isnew to use a camera that emphasizes image quality when the telephoto is about twice as large, and a camera with OIS that is more than 5 times when camera shake is a concern. These four can handle mostsituations, but it is rare to have a camera for macro photography. By approaching 2cm, you can get close to the subject and get the details.

The combination of five cameras with different characteristics allows you to shoot various scenes with one smartphone, and the image quality is good even when using a camera other than the main camera.

In particular, it is convenient to take beautiful pictures in a dark place even with a double telephoto.
Once I bought this model, I wanted to cover only with the Mi Note 10 Pro camera, and to see how far it could be used for work.

However, the touch focus and shutter sound are loud compared to other models, and it is a regrettable
volume that can be bothered indoors. It may be cautious only with a camera that can capture everything clearly.

By the way, the shutter sound of the screenshot is not sounded.Returning to camera performance, the main camera does not always shoot at 108 megapixels, but in the normal shooting mode, 4 megapixels are combined into one to improve image quality, 27 megapixels Photographed equivalents.

If you choose 108MP mode, you can use a 100-megapixel sensor and take12032 x 9032-pixel photos. Considering the file size and uploading to SNS, it seems to be better to use it
in this time rather than always taking 100 megapixels.

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