What is the Latest Tech Trends in July, 2018 ? The Tech You Find in Future !

Latest Technological Trends till July, 2018 

The year 2018 is expected to witness exponential improvement in technology encompassing the diverse field of interests. Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are the two domains where everyone will keep an eye.
 If experts are to be believed then it holds the potential of transforming industries paving the way for virtual helpers and myriad cases for automation.  Smart homes and smart cities will come to the forefront while Internet Of Things will be becoming intelligent.  
Above all better human-machine interaction will be facilitated as natural languages will be replacing specific commands. Here are some of the breakthroughs expected this year.

 Artificial intelligence will be reshaping business intelligence 

In contemporary times, AI has the capability to bring progressive changes in the mannerism of conducting business, reshaping the entire industries with the backing of advanced technologies and software. Entrepreneurs are acknowledging that it is high time to implement a comprehensive AI strategy for their businesses; however, the main part is still on the way.  
It is believed that companies having humungous volumes of operations will implement an AI strategy for at least 100,000 employees putting their job security in line.  In 2018 firms will be incorporating AI applications into strategic and organizational development.
 There is a high possibility that algorithms created by the best engineers or companies will be shared, bought and deployed for an organization’s personal use.



The sustained development in machine learning and AI technologies will be implying that business will be data-driven and every industry will be smart. With several years of background work on prototypes and ideas, it is expected that the changes taking place will be nothing less than a breakthrough.
 From healthcare to construction, banking and finance to manufacturing almost every industry will be reshaped. Things that were nothing less than a fantasy will actually be taking a physical manifestation. The advent of virtual assistance for patients, computation drug discovery, and genetics research will be the ideal platform for amazing use cases in medicine.  One can find several applications for automation, robotics, and data management in different industries that will be bringing significant changes.

 Blockchain will reveal new opportunities in different industries

The blockchain is expected to emerge as a revolutionary decentralized technology that will be storing and exchanging data for cryptocurrencies. 
It actually opens other possibilities that have broader implications. The block-chain is a distributed database which is a digital register of transactions and contracts.  It stores an ever-growing list of list of ordered records called blocks each having a time-stamp and a link to the previous block. It holds the potential to influence a wide variety of applications particularly in the field of digital transactions that will open new business opportunities in 2018.
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Due to the growing role of social responsibility and security in the internet blockchain technologies are gaining more relevance. A system that uses blockchain, forging digital transactions is close to impossible. Hence, the credibility of such systems will grow.
 This approach can lay the fundamentals of disruptive digital businesses for enterprises and startups.  Companies that were dominant in the offline space will have the scope to the electronic version of her processes in the digital environment.  
Hope you get some idea about our future tech . If you have any comments, publish that in the below comment section. Thank You !
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