Top 37 (Cool-n-Easy) Ways to Make Money Online (2019)

Ways to make Money Online : As we all know about online money making and how much it is popular among peoples. Nowadays it becomes the most popular way to earn money among peoples. It is also suitable for students who want to do a part time home based job.


Not only for students but housewives can also earn money online in India by their handmade things. If someone is good at cooking they can share recipes if they are good at embroidery then they can sell their products online there are many apps who helps them to sell their products.

If you are good at writing then you can become a writer for websites or start your own blog, great your own website.

Do you know? 

You can also earn money online by writing your e-book and publish it online. Now take a look about these amazing ways of online money making.

* Freelance Blogger

Freelance blogger is one who writes articles for an online audience and makes money online. It is one of the best ways to earn money online. Blogging is simply a website which contains experiences and opinions of writers. Articles usually expressed in the form of text, pictures, and videos.

Top 37 (Cool-n-Easy) Ways to Make Money Online (2019)


One can also sell their products and services through blogging. It is a way to express your own thoughts and views through your posts. The subject of the article can be politics, fashion, hobbies, religion, relationship, products or personal routine of a blogger.


Livejournal provide services for journals, blogs with privacy options, publishing tools, and online communities for many interest.


You can post anything here from anywhere and also find anything what you love.
        WordPress is software which manages free blogs with the help of developers.
It is also a web software like where you can create your own blog or website using WordPress theme with your domain name.

* Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is the best way to earn money online. It saves time It is quite similar to freelance blogging but there is a difference between freelance blogging and freelance writing.

ways to make money online 2019
Freelance writer work for a few hours per day. They can handle multiple tasks each day or be contracted for one job.It totally depends upon their choice what kind of work they want to do.

1.Associated Content

Here you can earn money by uploading your content. They pay you according to the views your content gets. The more you get views on your content the more you can make money online.
It is an application based freelancing writing site. They pay their writers $5-$15 for each article they write for this web site.


Here you can warn by writing financial stories. So if you are good at this you can write here and make money online.


If you are not a professional writer but want to write then this platform is best for you. They do not need any professional writer all they want in their writers that they should be native English speaker.


They appoint freelance writers to write content on different categories like health, education, social issues, technologyand so on.

6.Need an article

It is an article providing services that provide different categories articles like SEO optimized articles, technical writing, business writings and so on.

7.Seeking Alpha

They pay you for writing articles for them. It can be on any topic.
They appoint only professional writers to compose blogs on various topics. So if you are a professional one then join writer domain and start to make money online.

* Earn from PTC sites

Paid to click(PTC) is a famous online business model. PTC sitesare the connection between advertisers and customers. The advertiser pays for displaying the ads on PTC sites and a part of this payment goes to the viewers when they view the advertisement.

The model is quite similar to pay to surf. It includes various methods to earn money like completing surveys, playing games, shopping,simple task and so on. You can redeem your earnings for cash through a payment processor.

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* Online Surveys

Now-a-days online surveys are also a popular and easy way to earn online moneylike freelance blogging, writing, and PTC sites. As we all know that whenever a new product launch in the market it needs to get improved over and over again to survive in the market and to beat its competition.

So for this, they need reviews from their buyers and from common people’s. There are many multinational marketing companies who are ready to spend billions of dollars on their product researching and on online surveys for their products.

ways to make online 2019


You don’t need any qualifications for this work all you need is to the ability to use a computer, internet access, excellent English skills. Anyone can do this.
They pay you for taking surveys and performing another task for them. It can be suitable work for you to make money online.

2.Clear voice surveys

This online survey company pays for taking real surveys from market research companies.
On this website, you can earn points after completing any task like after taking surveys, completing offers, online shopping, watching videos. After collecting succulent points you get rewards from them.
They pay you with real-world prizes for your regular online activities like completing surveys, watch online videos, play online games, search on gifthulk and for much more things.


They pay you for taking service for them. They send a lot of invites to their workers for taking surveys. You can cash your amount when it is above $50.
As we all know here we are discussing online surveys. Hot spex website also pays for taking surveys like other websites.
You can earn easily £1 just by signing up on this website. After that, they send you invites for taking surveys for the product, services and for many more things. When you complete your surveys they pay you for this.


Like other websites, this website also pays for taking service to their workers. You can cash your payment after collecting $25 they pay you to cash through PayPal.

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This is an online survey community. They pay their workers for taking surveys. The survey can be on any topic like about product, services or about websites.
It is an internet market company which pays their worker for taking surveys for market research companies.


Like permission research, it is also an internet company which pays you for taking surveys for market research companies.
This website pays you for taking surveys, watching online videos, playing online games. So if you can register yourself on this website to make money online.
This website pays you with rewards and prizes. You have to tell researchers that what you think and give your opinion about their products and services.
The website is also like other websites. They also pay workers for taking surveys.
You can earn $5(£3) just by signing up on this website.

16.Test Spin

By signing up on test spin you can test about new products, services, music and earn up to $600 in gifts card from by taking paid surveys.
You can make more money here like cash, rewards and prize from B&O, odeon, cibeworld and from many more.
Here you can earn money online by taking the review and giving reviews about any product and services. This is best paid online survey site.

* Become a Captcha Solver

Become a catch solver is a very easy another tasked way to make money online. So if you want to earn more money in a short time then you can choose this option.
All you need is a laptop/android phone with an internet connection. There are a lot of images that cannot be recognized properly so there are some people who are ready to pay for recognizing these images. There are many websites for captcha solving first they take images from customers and then give it to their workers.

* Paid for Searching the Web

Here we are talking about online money making

Do you know?

You could also get paid for searching on the web or for using the internet. There are several sites who pay for searching the web. So they pay people for using their sites instead of using other sites.

easy ways to make money online 2019


So if you spend more time on the internet for searching on the web then it would be nice if you get paid for this. But Google does not pay you for searching on the web. Here is the name of some sites that will pay for using them instead of others.

          1. Bing

it is a Microsoft site. It is on the 2ndnumber on the in the industry. It has a total 20% volume of all searches after Google.

          2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of these sites who get ready to pay for searching on the web. It is the major rewarding sites they reward you for doing many things such as searching, playing games, completing surveys you get rewarded by Swagbucks.

           3. InboxDollars

Like swagbucks and Bing, inbox dollars is also a rewarding site which allows you to gain points or credits for doing searches and much more. After collecting $30 you can request to be paid through check.

           4. Qmee

Qmee is the several other search reward program listed in the queue. It allows users to search with other engines as it us browse extension this site simply provides additional results on a sidebar. So sidebar click on the result your account is credited with the value.

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* Affiliate Marketing

It is the easiest way to make money online. It is free of cost and you can also work from your home comfortably. By promoting products, services, and websites you can earn a certain percentage of commission from sales.

make money online 2019 ways

All you need to know about affiliate marketing is that you can promote your own services or products. The services or products you promote are provided by other websites/customers.


On this website, you can earn revenue by selling leads and products from their advertisers. You can also run an incentive point program for your commission.
It is one of the most popular affiliate network due to the elaboration of products you can market here. They pays you between 4-6%, the layout will be higher for more sales.
The website leads the cloud commerce provider for business of software and many commerce companies who are looking for their company growth.

        4.     Clickbank

It is aonline private marketplace for digital Information products. You can find all digital information products at this marketplace.

         5.     Clickbooth

It is also a CPA affiliate network which lets you make money online through the products sold out.


If you think of building andstarting your own sale-CPA, lead CPL or click CPC then this is what enables you to do so. It is also an affiliate network which lets you to start your own affiliated network.

7.      Commission Junction

It is an online advertising and internet marketing company that specialises in affiliate, media and tracking services. There are more than 1000 companies to choose from.

         8.     CPA lead

It is also a CPA affiliated network for marketing.

         9.     Digiresult

It is similar to the ClickBank affiliated network as stead above.

         10.   EBay Partner Network

Earn money using eBay partner network by driving traffic to eBay and one of their partners.

        11.   EpicDirect/Azoogle 

It is also an affiliated network.

         12.    E-Junkie

It provides shopping carts and buy now buttons to let you sell downloads and tangible goods on your website, eBay, Myspace, Google Base, CraigsList etc.

         13.   Forex-Affiliate

It is one of the longest running and most successful financial affiliate programs worldwide.

         14. Google Affiliate Network

It is similar to commission junction as stated earlier. It is also a affiliated market network.

         15.   Flippaleadplie

It is an affiliated network that allows you to generate and sell trade leads to those who bid highest.

         16.   LinkConnector

It is also a CPA affiliated network.

          17.   LinkShare

It pays off for every product link you promote and share.

         18.   Market Leverage

It is also an affiliated market network and can help you make money online.

          19.    MaxBounty 

It is a unique CPA network which provides weekly payment and 1000 Dollars performance bonus to new affiliates. 


It specialises in lead generation, client, acquisition and mobile advertising and also provide tools like banner rotators and api for product promotion.

          21.   OfferVault

It is to find affiliate networks, programs and affiliate marketing resources.

          22.   Offerweb

It is again an affiliated network for products.

          23.   ShareASale

It is also an affiliate network similar to ClickBank and commission junction.

          24.   ThinkAction

It is an affiliated network. Go to this site more information.


         25.    TopOffers

It is a fast growing affiliate network that was focused on dating affiliate programs but has now expanded to new areas and niche.

* Large Marketplaces

There are many large marketplaces where you can sell your own products and make money online.

As we all know Amazon app is popular among people’s for shopping but it is not only for shopping here you can also sell your own products and services to make more money online.

2. Backpage

It is a large marketplace. You can find here houses for rent, personal jobs and many more things for sale.
It is advertisement website. It is quite similar to back page marketplace. There are many sections devoted to housing, personal, jobs, items wanted, sale, community, services, discussion forums.
Here you can sell everything like cars, clothes, services, products and make money easily by selling anything you want to sell.
Here you can easily create a online store where you can sell your products to customers and make money onlineeasily.

* Podcasting

ways to make money online 2019


Podcasting is an episodic series of video downloaded by the user in order to listen. It is successfully used by a lot of people not only as a business stream but also For themselves as individuals. So if you want to make money online so podcasting is the easiest way so that you can easily earn online money from podcasting.

* Sponsorship

Like popular podcasts, you can also earn thousands of dollars through sponsorship. With the cost per impression model(CPM) your show will get $18 on downloading of 1000 episodes for a 15-secoand pre-roll. 

You will get $25 on 1000 downloads for 660-secondmmid-rollslot

When your show will complete 3000 downloads per episode then you will get $54 for pre-roll $75 for mid-roll slot. This could help you to cover some costs of your podcasting show.

* Relationship

The relationship is an important element of podcasting same as business. But some disagree that relationship is beneficial for podcasting.

After interviewing some podcasts the reason to start a podcast. Why entrepreneurs, coaches to start podcasts the number one reason is NETWORKING.

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* By Selling Products Online

Online selling is another way to make money online

There are many apps like OLX, QUICKR, AMAZON, FLIPKART, eBAY  where you can sell your products and make money. 


ways to make money online

If you have your own website or your partner with well-established websites then you can also sell your products there.

So the first thing is to know that what would you love to sell and to choose the platform where to want to sell it. 

Like if you are a baker you can start an online food business, if you are an artist then you can sell your art like handmade paintings, sketches, and many more things.

* Google AdSense

GoogleAdSense is cost per click(CPC) type advertising program. 

It allows anyone to put ads on their websites, and when a visitor from your website clicks on the ads Google pays you 68% what the advertiser pays them or these ads.

Other than CPC AdSense also use CTR(Click through rate) and CPM(Cost per impression).

ways to ear money online 2019

It is easy for bloggers to make online money with Google Adsense. After installing the ads code,  spider will crawl to your site to know that what all your pages are about. After seeing they check their inventory of ads and put related ads next to your every article.

CTR(click through, rate) is the rate number of ads click divided the number of individual ads impression. Suppose if you are showing 3 AdSense ad on each page of your website then the 1page view is equal to the 3 ad impressions.

CTR=Clicks/Ad impression×100

Some advertiser opts for CPM ads instead of CTR and CPC. So they set their price for 1000 ad impressions. So you will get paid by them whenever their ads appear on your websites. 

Advertisers can also buy or sell their ads on and generate $6000 per month.

* Earn by online Micro Jobs

Micro jobs mean small jobs/tasks performed by someone in order to make money. It takes only a few seconds or a few minutes to complete these task.There are thousands of sites who provide online micro jobs like Amazon Microworkers. You can earn easily by performing a task.

These tasks are like sharing a page, giving reviews/ratings for a product, writing small articles for websites/blog, searching something from Google or many. 

You can choose working hours according to you. 

If you work 1-2 hours per day then you can earn $500 to $1000 dollars per month and in India Rs 6000 to Rs15000 per month.

* Earn from Teaching

make money online by teaching

If you are a good teacher and looking for the home based job, so here is an opportunity for you to become an online tutor. This is the best job for you. 

Today online tutors are on high demand not only in India but all over the world.

There are thousands of websites where you can join as a tutor and earn minimum $20 for an hour or more. Your total earning depends on you. The more time you spend on teaching the more money you can make. It is a regular source of income for tutors. 

It is Suitable for the students who are studying in the college. 

This is the best way for them to learn some money for their pocket money. Not only for students it is also suitable for the homemaker to make some extra income for their family. It is band the easiest way to make money as compared to other online business.

There are no geographical boundaries for you can teach students from different countries also. All you need is a laptop with an internet connection and you can teach from anywhere anytime.

This job gives flexibility of working hours. So you can choose your working hours and the time when you want to reach whether it can be morning time, afternoon or evening time.

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* Earn from Social Media

how to make money online

There are billions of people use social media daily for chatting and for sharing posts and pictures. So do you have any idea that you can also make money onlineby using your social media account?

         1.  Facebook

Here we are talking about Facebook the number one social platform today. There are many ways to make money from Facebook you can earn from your profile or by creating a page. You can also get paid for likes. 


There are many more options here like a Facebook business, Facebookmarketplace, and Facebook groups. All you need is only a Facebook account and some cash on some worlds favorite social networking platforms. 

Here are some ways to earn money from Facebook ;

  • You can earn from the Facebook marketplace.
  • Earn from affiliate marketing on Facebook.
  • By advertising your business on Facebook.
  • By creating Facebook content.
  • Make money from selling Facebook likes.
  • Earn by influencer marketing on Facebook.
  • Make money from Facebook Ads.
  • By creating groups on Facebook.
  • By direct advertising.

2.  Twitter

You can also make money online by using Twitter. Today social media is becoming more attractive to advertisers. It is not only Facebook where you can make money so many platforms where you can make online money easily. 

Here I amtalking about Twitter so let’s take a look that how to make money by using Twitter.

  • AdFly
You can use a URL shortener service if you want to make money online. After using this you can earn money from each visitor on your shortened link with!
Here you can earn more money online. But for this, you have set your tweet price for making money like set your tweet price for website links, press releases, product promos and for companies that will help them to gain exposure.
  • Revtwt
It is a Twitter marketing platform where you can make money online easily.
  • Twivert
Here you can earn money for tweeting. There are many websites who are ready to pay you for your tweet.

* Get Paid to Install an App

The Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is a panel of famous Nielsen research. 

They pay you for installing their app on your device. This app works on the background for gathering data. So you don’t need to do any changes on your device after installing this app.

easy ways to make money online

The only thing you have to do is to install this app on your device and receive an amount from them on monthly basis. They collect information from your device whenever you use it and this information helps them to improve an existing product or to develop a better one.

The information they collect is totally anonymous

They do NOT collect your personal information. 

The information they collect is like a graphical location, type of device and so on. This is the easiest way to earn money easily on monthly basis.

* Earn by Selling your Old Books

ways to make money online 2019

We all read books we know we are done with them. 

Do you know that your books can also collect cash for you instead of dust? 

Yes, they can here are thousands of sites for selling and purchasing books.

        – BookScouter


BookScouter is the site where you know the best price of your book and which site gives you more cash for your book. 

So if you want to sell your old books first visit the site and enter the ISBN number given on your book and system will tell you how much your book is worth and which site pays the most for your book.

After that, if you like the number then you can send your book to the site through a prepaid envelope and receives your amount after a few days. 

You can actually scale this up for finding cheap or even free books from your family and friends and sell them at high prices with the help of BookScouter.

* Get Paid to Find Coupons

Another way of making money online. You can earn by sharing your coupons with other members. Yes, you heard correct just by sharing some coupons you can earn money. There are many companies that will pay you for sharing your coupons with others.
Here take a look that how can you start to earn by using this amazing idea. First, you have to visit any site who provide this kind of work like.
Then you have to create an account on site and become a member if that site. Then click on “submit a coupon” tab on your dashboard to submit your coupon. When any member uses your coupon you earn money. After collecting proper cash in your account, you will ask for the payment and receive it in your PayPal account.
This site provide coupons their members to earn money online. You can share your coupons with other members and make money online easily.

* Earn by Slimming Down

Yes, some companies pay you to stay healthy and fit. As every year the top resolution for many is to lose weight and getting in shape. But after a few weeks, we forgot about this resolution. Maybe we just need some motivation for this.

What if someone pays you to stay healthy and fit. Isn’t awesome? 

Yes, it is awesome. 

So here are companies who set a target for you and when you compete it they pay you for this.

This is the best app for earning money online. They motivate people to live their weight and stay healthy and fit.

First, you have to sign up on this site and they do not take any charges for this it is free. Then you have to install their app on your android phone and start placing bets. When you reach your goal after completing your task you earn money.

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* Scan Your Groceries and Earn Money

Like mobile and computer panel Nielsen research has also a panel dedicated to market research to know about people’s choices and habits of grocery shopping. The panel is known as home scan consumer panel.

easy ways to earn money online
What they basically do is they reward you for the scan your grocery through the scanner or through an app. First, you have to create an account on this site. After creating an account you can install the app for free.

Then you can send them a request to get a free scanner and they will give it to you. 

You can also use your smartphone to scan barcode given in the grocery items you purchase. You can earn every time you scan a grocery barcode.

After collecting enough rewards you can redeem it for all kinds of stuff electronics, household, merchandise, toys and for jewelry. Longtime participants of sites can also earn prizes include cash, brand new cars, vacations or more.

* Build Your Own Forum and Earn Money

Nowadays online forums gain popularity among peoples. 

If you always had a passion for politics and eager to discuss it with peoples, then set an online forum is a good choice for you that focus on politics.

As early movers have left the scene but there is still money to be made if you want to. It is better late than never. The only thing is to do after creating your forum is to get people excited about your forum by talking about it openly from people and as you visit other forums. 

ways to make money online

Keep continue work to attract more traffic until it comes to a point when you want to incorporate online ads for monetization of your forum.

* MMO Forums

There are many helpful forums online which are to get you advises from internet marketers and gurus. This can also be a possible way to make moneyonline

But on other side be very much attentive regarding the use of such forums because this can also be a place for newbies, many people come here just to make preys and harm other people by offering bogus like 10k dollars a day. 

As far as the forum based method is concerned it gets you much suitably earned money.

It is just an online forum to let people know about the SEO techniques. This provides basically an information of how marketing is done online. 

It contains all relevant information regarding SEO.

2.    Digital Point

This includes discussions over certain topics like search engines, techniques for optimisation, marketing tools and all other technical aspects.

3.   Warrior Forum

It is a very popular internet marketing forum. There are lot of special offers for warriors. These are not only of a kind but are miscellaneous.

4.15.3 Sources

This was a big way to thank the collaborative effort of the bloggers who wrote the similar posts as before me. Here are the references where you can search the other forums.

* Be A Research Subject and Make Money Online

Many universities and clinics are always looking out for students their studies on various streams and they are ready to pay money for it. 

You get paid by them according to your potential and amount of time it takes to complete to finish the study.

There are some studies with no risk and are very easy like sleep studies. Yes, you heard right. After listening to this many of you thinks that is this some kind of joke. So this is not a joke. 

A sleep study is related to psychology stream.

In this study, you have to sleep at any local facility instead of your home. So the researcher’s monitor your sleep to gain insight on many different things like what our brains do even we fall asleep and how active it is, how deep our sleep is and many more things. 

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* Sell your Talent and Make Money

As we all know everyone is perfect in their own way. But if you are good at anything they do not waste your talent. 

Your talent can help you to make money easily. It doesn’t matter what you can do if you can do it well.

So here is a site where you can earn online money by using your talent. Like you can earn money on Fiverr by using your talent. 

Fiverr is a freelancing site which pays you for your services like graphic design, coding-decoding, writing, singing, drawing, taking pictures of yourself holding a sign, prank calling someone and so on.

If you want to sell your service then at first, you have to sign up  and describe the kind of guys you are offering to your clients. It can be about cooking recipes, delivery, singing a song, dress up as Shaktiman or anything you want to imagine. 

Put a price on your service and start making money from it. After signup on Fiverr, you will get a unique page for your gigs. You can promote your service on other social media platforms.

* Sell Your Videos & Earn Money Online

Did you know that you can sell your videos and make money online?
Yes you can. So if you have good videos you can sell them online and make money online.


It is a stock video marketplace which offers an HD collection of footage at all categories. So anyone can download the videos here to watch.
This is the best sell for selling your all digital media. You can sell here your music, videos, art, and craft but specializes in social videos.


This is the worlds largest and popular video sites, which offers funny videos, movie clips. You can upload your videos here and earn according to the number of views you receive.
It is an easy way to make money online. It is an open marketplace for peoples who want to sell their videos, sectors and all the digital media.
Sell photos or videos here to make money online.The best platform to sell your videos, photos, vectors.
As we all know we are talking about how to make money online. This the community for distributing digital media on their platform.

* Sell Your Music & Earn Money Online at Home

Like videos, you can also make online money by selling music on some platforms. There are many platforms, networks, communities where you can upload your music and earn money easily.
The website is the best platform for selling your music. They charge only 15% of sales made from their websites.

    2.      CD Baby

It has a huge collection of music. where you can listen and buy music easily. 

They have over 2.5 million music.

    3.       Fetchapp

This is the platform for all digital media such as music, videos, photos, and other documents. So you can sell here all digital media and make money online easily.

    4.       Indaba Music

It is a web-based company. They provide huge collection of music and provides a collaborative environment for musicians. They promote them to make their tunes, songwriting and for singing with other singers.

    5.       Sellfy

You can sell here music, videos, photos everything related to the digital world. There are no storage limits for you.

    6.      Slice The Pie

The site helps new musicians and also help music lovers to find some great music for them.

    7.     Song Cast Music

They provide a affordable music service where you can upload your music and earn money online.

    8.     Tune Core

Here you can sell your own music in iTunes, amazonmp3, music and make money online in 2019 easily.

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* Make Money Online from Paintings (2019)


ways to make money online

It is one of the best to earn money online.If you are good at painting then here is good news for you. There are many websites where you can sell your paintings and make more money.

Here you can sell, browse contemporary fine art online. It is one of the best ways to make money online if you are good at arts and paintings.
You can online sell art on this website. is a website which organizes actions for all original artworks for sale. So you can sell and buy artworks in this auction.
This website is for selling your art. They allows you to sell your paintings, jewelry, pictures very easily.

Like other website, you can also sell your art on this website.
The website is popular for selling your artwork easily.
Here you can sell your artworks. You can also decide the prices for your artworks and keep 100% of your profit.
This is the online art gallery. Here you can buy and sell artworks for sale.

Like MBC(My Best canvas) this is also a online art gallery. Here you can sell and buy all types of artworks like paintings, sculptures, fine art and much more things.
Like another websites this website is also used for selling paintings, drawing, fine art and much more things.
This website is also used for selling artworks. Here you can make online money easily in 2019.


This is a website where you can set up your own business and sell paintings online. 

It takes only few minutes to create a account on this website and start selling your paintings to customers.

If you are a painting lover then you can buy amazing paintings established by new artists on this website.

This is also a online art gallery like MBC and where you can buy and sell your artworks.

* A Self publish with Kindle & Earn Money from Home 

At Amazon’s Kindle, you can earn money by publishing and selling your own eBooks.The can be of any length. There are many sellers on kindle that have only 40-50 pages content. Another benefit from kindle that you can turn any topic into a Kindle book like recipes, health, fictions, social topics, and guides.

This site is the best place to sell and promote your eBooks.Here you can sell your books with a well-designed cover and make money online.

You can set up your own eBook shop just by creating an account. So if you want to set up your eBook shop and won’t you earn more money online then this website is an option for you.

This is a series of eBook readers designed and marketed by can read books here by downloading it and if you are a good writer and then you can publish your book here and sell it to at effective price and make money online.

Here you can upload your eBook and sell it to directly on Twitter, Facebook or on your website. You can sell it to your fans and followers and get your payment through PayPal.

This website is a united blog engine where you can sell more eBooks and make more money. Readers can also purchase eBooks from here.

* Become a YouTuber

ways to make money online

Become a YouTuber is one of the best ways to make money online. But is not that easy to become a successful YouTuber. The most important thing you will need to know about becoming a successful YouTuber.

Before you do anything you need to figure out what you are hoping to get out of building a presence on YouTube. This helps you to decide what kind of videos you want to create and define the right audience for your content.

* Renting

When it comes to online earning then renting can be a very good alternative. People in the corporate sector are increasing and thus staying in different cities is really tedious.
They look out for homes or apartments. If you owe a house and you are not so up with many people in family then giving it on rent is a suitable one. This not only brings you money but also brings you happiness of not being alone at your place.

This can also be the reason that you do not live at your apartment in the city. Then to make it as a source of income.

This is an online website where one can find online vacation rentals, apartments and guest houses owned by locals in any part of the world.
This can make work easier for the finder and the owner both.

2. AirBnb

This is also an alternative website for finding online rental vacations for both short and long period. This covers almost every city across the word and can prove a very convenient thing for you.

3. Camp in my garden

It is a kind of online garden camping community. Here you can provide your free garden space on rent for camos and other events.

4. Easy Room Mate

It is a flat sharing site. To give your flat at rent this can be a manageable way to find a good person at rent. For finding renters conventionally cannot be an easy task.

5. Rentalo

This is an online directory of vacation rentals, hotels, bed and breakfast tables, vacation, condos, villas, cabins, challets, lodgings and furnished accommodations.

6. Roomorama

Roomorama is an online website to give your unoccupied spaces like guests house or lodgings on rent to guests.

7. Storemates

Find the storage spaces community in your area. Through this you can rent out your extra rental space to people in need and make online money out of that.

8. Wimbdu

It is a web- based platform based on the peer to peer property rental model that advertises the property on the internet for short time lettings.

* Giving Advises Online or Via Telephone/SMS

It is a normal tendency of human beings to take advises. We are all social and taking advises gives us a sense of satisfaction and also shows a way ahead. But getting real people who are good in advising is not so easy in any professionals.
ways to make money online from home

Thus online advising is a very unique social work which can be done and also can make money for you. Advices are so valuable to change lives of certain people.

1. Bitwine

It is an online website to give people advices related to your own choice. It can be on any professional topic or any psychological too.

2. ChaCha

It is also a way of providing advices using messages and also answer questions.
Many people do not use social networks so for them it can be a boon.

3. Ether

It enable anyone with something valuable to say to sell their services. You get here a free ether phone number, set your rates and start the work by scheduling the time you can receive calls.

4. Google help outs

This is a way of connecting people who need advices through a live video. This can help to connect with people more accurately and helps to understand the situation better.

5. Just answer

Here you can set your rates and get the advices from experts over your topics. The advices from experts can be more reliable than any other random advisor.

6. Jyve

They pay you for giving advice, provide answers and peer support to people who need your help come out from any situation.

7. Keen

Here someone can earn money online by being physic.

8.  Kgb

They pay you for providing answers to the questions peoples send through SMS.


As the name mentioned they provide online professional teachers for students for all subjects like maths, English, physics and so on. So if you love teaching then you can join for a teaching job and easily make money online.

* Arts and crafts

Many people have the talent for craft work, canvas paintings and other work related to arts. They are unable to expose it among people thus online earning can be a very peculiar way. Talent never goes in vane. If utilized in a better way can get you many things. It is a good way to make money online.

1.  Aftcra

Aftcra is a new marketplace where you can buy the American handmade products. This is the place online which lets you buy the American Handmade products.

2.   Artfire

This marketplace is some to the handmade products of artisans good of all kinds. It can be any product like handmade jewelry, art and crafts material to housing etc.

3.  Big Cartel

It is a simple shopping cart for clothing, tee designers, bands, record labels, jewelry makers, crafters and other makers. It gets people their creative things easily and it is also an opportunity for them to enhance their accessories.

4.  Bonanza

Vibrant collection of fashion materials, decor and more. It gets people their fashion and creative materials to their places. For any artist it is a very creative way to make money online.

5.  Dawanda

Marketplace for handmade gifts and other creative things.

6.  Etsy

If you are looking forward to sell out your handmade and vintage items then it is a good place to rely on.

7.  Folsky

Buy and sell beautiful handmade gift cards and craft supplies.

8.  iCraft

To sell andbuy crafty items online.

9. Lilyshop

It is a new market to sell women products by women.

10.  Luulla

It is a marketplace to find and sell various creative objects online.

11.  MadeItMyself


Buy and sell home made products like crafts, jewelry, quilts, soaps, greeting cards,and other handmade stuff online.

12.Not on the High Street

Hundreds of Unique Shop

13.  Storenavy


It allows opening your own store.

14.  Uncommon Goods

It is great for cool and unusual gifts for any occasion.

15.  Zibbet


Here you can sell and buy handmade goods, fine art, vintage items, and craft supplies.

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* Translating

If you know different languages and can translate one into another. Then there are certain websites which let you do that and you can easily make money online. People want to hire such people for translation for their business purposes. It is also a good way to earn money online.

1. Lingosaur

Here you can get instant quote for providing translation job, order in seconds. You can translate to or from Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian from any other languages.


Here you can get paid for your translation. If you are willing to make money online through translation then this is what you are looking for.

3. TRADU guide

Here translation buyers can directly ask for prices quotes for translation services.

4. Translatorsbase

The leading source of online translation jobs for freelance translators. Outsourcers can post a project and obtain free quotes for translations.

5. TranslatorsCafe

It is a free database of over 1300 translation agencies and free lance writing.

6. Translators Town

Here is the directory of translators and translation jobs. It is a collection of 130 languages.

7. Translator Gengo

Become a Gengo translator and gain access to translation jobs giving you flexible income and the opportunity to improve your skills. Sign up for free.

* Tech Support

1.  Arise

You can get paid in this to provide customer service like phone, email, web support and also 40 plus sales companies.

2. WorkingSOL

This can pay you for handling tech support for various companies.

 * PhoneApps

ways to make money online 2019

If you know how to make new android apps then this can bring you money too. There are many apps to shop online for clothing, accessories and many more things. This can let you earn money sitting at your homes too.

1.  Apptrailers

It is to watch videos and download apps. You can also convert into gift cards or change it into cash and deposit into PayPal. It works on both androids and iPhone.

2.  CheckPoints

This is for scanning items and checking it at different stores, playing games or completing offers.

3.  Easy Shift

It is an app for IPhone users. You can earn money online by telling them the places to enjoy nearby.

4.  Field Agent

It is also an app for IPhone users. It enables you to scan bar code, mystery shop, check prices, take polls and explore neighborhood.

5. Gigwalk

Find and fix problems at retail. Uncover common compliance issues like out of stocks, low inventory, missing shelf tags and more.

6. Shopkick

The first mobile app that gives you rewards and offers simply for walking into stores. You can collect kicks and bonuses at nearly all places that could be redeemable for gift cards or store discounts.


If you are bewildered regarding what field to choose to make money online then this article can get you your best option. These are one of the best ways to earn money online and can get you your money with less efforts than searching the ways manually.

There are various ways depending upon your own area of interest and talent to make money online. These all ways can get you money with interest.

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