How Can I block messages received from Way2SMS ?(2019)

What is Way2Sms ?

Way2SMSis India’s number 1 SMS platform launched in December 2006. Here you, can send SMS to any mobile in the country. 

Sending SMS using this app/platform is free and easier.

It takes only a few seconds to deliver an SMS. The number of users growing rapidly every day. Millions of messages are being sent through this app/platform.

According to a survey in the year 2008, 6 lakh SMSes are sent by the users per day.


In 2009, the number of SMSes was 25 lakh SMSes per day and in 2010, it has grown to 75 lakh SMSes per day.


Today it is 15 million SMSes per day which means an average of 500 SMSes per second. Nearly 2000 SMSes delivered from this platform every second that is why it is highly popular among internet users.

Now I am going to discuss each and everything about this platform such as:

         – How can you signup/register/create an account on way2sms?
        – Mobile locator  (you can find the location of all mobile numbers you want to know)
        – Business: to upgrade business account
        – High delivery rate
        – Own sender id
        – Own list of contacts
        – Safety rules: keep your account safe and secure
        – Key performance indicators of way2sms
        – How can you block messages received from way2sms?

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How to Sign up/Register/ Create Account on Way2SMS?

Here are some steps motioned below so that you can easily create an account on Way to SMS.


  • First, you have to visit the official registration page of Way2SMS.
  • After that fill-up, the details mentioned in the registration form.


  • Your DoB, email id, city, mobile number, and captcha.


  • After completing the whole process you will get an SMS on your mobile number.


  • After that, you have to fill up the password and mobile number.

Mobile Locator

Here you, can track the location of any mobile all you need to, do is just enter the mobile number and you can track the location. You can find the location of all the mobile numbers you want.

Business: To Upgrade Business Account

Under this section, they provide many options so that you can easily upgrade your business account. Here I told you about these options.

(A) High Delivery Rate

They provide a 100% delivery rate and assure that 90% of SMS will deliver within 10 seconds. Today more than 60,000 big and small customers use way2sms service in India to develop their business.

(B) Own Sender ID

They offer their customer to create their own sender id and password and it will get activated in 3-4 hours. The sender id helps to convert a single message into a powerful branding tool.

(C) Own List of Contacts

Users can also upload their contact list through excel where they can add or edit the contacts. Because it is easy to send bulk SMS by selecting contacts in your existing contact list.

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Safety Rules: Keep your Account Safe and Secure

We all know that safety is the most important thing. So here we are going to tell you about the safety rules and how to keep your account safe and secure.

The first thing that you should always keep in your mind that always use a strong password for your account.
Never share your user name and password with entrusted third parties.

The most important thing you should know. Make sure your PC and the operating system is up to date with the most recent patches, upgrades, and anti-viruses software.

Key Performance Indicators of way2Sms

The keyword Way2SMS is the 8th fastest ranking keyword according to Google.
( HTTP:// /in.html )


According to the report, nearly 25000 users join the platform every day which is more 100 user per hour.

Way-2-sms is India’s largest database of mobile contacts with around 400 million contacts and now it is reached around 55 million members every month.

The platform is generating nearly 500 millions page views every month.


According to the survey over 10 billion SMS had delivered till today with way 2 sms.

How can I block Messages Received from way2sms ?

As we all know it is the largest online source for receive and sending free messages within India.  But sometimes it is very difficult to handle someone when they started sending irrelevant textsfrom the way2sms site.
So here are the steps to active DND(Do not disturb) service so that you can avoid such type of irrelevant messages.


  • First go to the official link of WAY2SMS.
  • After that click on the block option mentioned on your screen and select block messages from way2sms option.


  • After that a popup box will appear on your screen and enter the mobile number you want to block .
  • After entering the mobile number, click on the proceed option.
  • At last a OTP(One Time Password) number will be sent to your mobile number just for confirmation.


So this is the complete process to block a number on way2sms. It is very easy process. 

Conclusion :

Hope, this article will help you a lot. Do let me know if you have any more queries regarding way2sms in comment box below . Thank You !!

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