Top 6 Best Tips to Ensure a High Resale Value for your Old Smartphone

Ensure a High Resale Value of your Mobile Phone with these 6 Great Tips

With the technology always getting updated, we are constantly in a state to change our devices to the latest ones. And smart phones have seen such upheaval in this digital era.

It has been seen that the sale of old smart phones have risen to the count of Millions!
The reason behind these changes is definitely temptation. For some the change gets necessary if the phone if not functioning lately.
But, the majority of people change their mobile phones just for the sake of their yearning. Of course it gets hard to resist the shiny new phone with the latest features held in it.
Selling of phone is a step-by-step process. You cannot sell it within a single day without taking some prior measures. To gain a high mobile resale value, you need to ensure some conditions that will make your sale easier and more profitable.
So, what’s the secret behind a high resale value? Figure this out here.


1. Be Honest About Every Detail : 

The most important task that would ensure a high and satisfactory resale amount for your phone if you are honest about your phone’s condition. Buyers today are not ignorant about anything. Rather they are too keen on learning about everything that they are going to purchase. So, be honest.
Trust is the major factor when you are selling your phone online. When a person is buying a second hand phone, he already knows that the phone is not going to be a shiny new model. Thus, it would be better if you inform him about the scratches, cracks or any system problem.
If you are selling this to a vendor who buys old phones, then put up a small review list of your phone so that he has some idea of your device beforehand.

2. Keep it in A Better Shape :

If your phone is not damaged in any way, then try to preserve its condition as it is. Keep it away from dust, sunlight or rain which might cause some added damage. There is no denying the fact that with every scratch or crack the value gets diminished. Therefore, try not to put too much burden on your phone if you are about to sell it. Put it inside a protective case or at least make some major fixes if you want to get a higher mobile resale value.

3. Clear the Memory of Device :

Before giving your device for sale, you should clear out all your memory (internal and external). Do not overuse the RAM and delete all your personal data from phone’s memory. We usually have lots of hidden and categorized files containing our photos, music or any other confidential data.
A factory reset can do that for you. It will remove all your mails, messages, pictures etc., bringing the phone to its original condition. Thus, you will save your customer from getting annoyed after he makes purchase.

4. Prove that Your Phone is not Stolen :

When you are selling your mobile phone, your customer might get suspicious with your sale. As experienced by some, stolen mobiles are bought by people accidentally if they are not aware of the history of its purchase. Undertake a mobile diagnostics program to ensure him that it is original in every way. This will definitely ensure a higher mobile resale value.

5. Add some extras to the handset :

Another way of increasing your mobile resale value is by offering them some add-ons.  Pack up a charger, headphone or power bank, phone cover, etc. to boost its price. Your customer is definitely going to be happy with your extra efforts as you are going to save their shopping expenses. 


6. Sell it to Some Local Shop or Online Site :


Keep track of the advertisements that are posted by the local dealers or retailers. You might get some cost benefit by selling it locally or to some online vendor. This way you can get the best possible price for your mobiles. They offer a simple step-by-step process which will ensure the ease of selling for the seller.

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These are some of the amazing ways in which you can increase the resale value of your mobile.  At Togofogoyou can get the best value of your mobile phone. Follow any of the tips and gain a profitable resale value for your mobile phone. If you have any other doubts or queries related this , then you may publish a comment below ! Thank You !!
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