Top 5 Best Ways to Fix Black Screen Issue in Android Smartphones (2018)

Whether you have a new phone or an old one, there is no guarantee that the phone will never be bad. Many times the touch of the phone’s screen does not work, so sometimes the problem of blackout is found in the screen.


Often people mention screen black out in their phones. On the go, the screen suddenly turns black and after a while it gets cured. This is called black out. This problem is common in Android phones, but people are scared when the screen is blackout and the phone reaches the service center. However, if you try a little bit, it can cure itself. Let me tell you that there may be many reasons for the screen blackout and it can be corrected too. So, let us know the solutions of this screen black out problem !!
Avoid Old Apps :
Apps are the biggest cause of screen black outings. Some newer or older apps are not compatible with the phone’s OS. In such a situation, they tend to be troubled repeatedly. If your phone is blackout frequently, first uninstall apps that have been installed recently. With this, if the phone is okay then it is good or else start your phone once in safe mode.
Safe Mode ?
First of all, the phone has to be closed. Then press and hold the power button. As soon as the phone starts to turn on, you have to press the volume up and down buttons together. It will start in safe mode. The way to start in safe mode can be different. You can find it on the internet. If the phone is working correctly in safe mode, then understand that there is a problem in the app, so uninstall some apps and restart the phone, it will be correct.
Check Battery Health :
In today’s Uni-body phone where you can not change the battery yourself, many times the problem of screen blackout is due to the battery and not even know. So if you checked the app then check the battery now. If the battery does not come out, then check the body of the phone to see if the battery is not flowering. If everything looks okay, even if the screen is blackout at any time, then you can take the help of an amp appto check the battery. This app will tell your phone’s battery health.
Check MicroSD Card :
Sometimes the MicroSD card in your phone is causing the problem. In the card,  you transfer music, photos, videos etc. from any other phone or PC and the virus comes by itself and this virus starts spoiling your phone. At the same time, if the card is corrupt or damaged for some reason, the phone’s screen will be black out. In such a case, if you have placed the card in the phone, remove the card and restart the phone. Your phone will work correctly .
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Factory Reset :
Not only by card, but by surfing the Internetor by data transfer anytime the virus can come in the phone, which can cause problems in your phone. If the phone’s screen is getting blackout and you think it is a virus problem, then it will have to do factory data resetor hard-boot. This will fix your phone. If your phone is outdated and you have not reset it for several months, then there may be a problem with the screen blackout. There are also problems like this due to the phone’s memory being full. In such a way, delete the cache memory from your phone and remove the non-working apps and data. This will solve the problem. If the phone is reset to factory data then it is much better.
Keep Updating Software :
Your phone comes with OS and App updates, but you ignore those updates. Let you know that these updates are meant only to eliminate the bug. Also, new features are added together. If you have not updated your phone for months, then update it soon. If the screen is blackout due to the application or phone software, the problem will be resolved.
Guys, it was a short tips on screen blackout problem which are commonly seeing on our Android smartphones specially. Hope you like this . Let me know if you have faced this problem and what did you do for this in comment box . 

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