Top 25 Best Ways to Earn Money Online (2019)

Day to day, we are going to crazy towards internet. As we are now in 4G generation, people are always using internet for social medias, or for any works in online.

But do you know, you can earn money online from home ?
Now you got surprise and thinking ‘How ?’

I don’t know whether you know the process or not. If you are looking for earn money online from Google or want to increase more revenue , then I am here to help you in this. I will share my thoughts and some of the best ways online money earning.

So, Let’s get started it !!

25 Best Ways To Earn Money Online At Home (2019)

Top 25 Best Ways to Earn Money Online (2019)


1. Blogging :

Now a days, many people are doing Blogging by which people are becoming rich. Though it may take some time initially, but once you are an expert, there will be nothing like blogging that can make you a rich man.


Top 25 Best Ways to Earn Money Online (2019)
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It is very simple. Go to Blogger and sign up with your Gmail id and start writing and publishing your favorite topic or article like tech, fashion, fitness etc. And you can use some marketing techniques like SEO to get the traffic on your blog, then you can enjoy your life as a “Thug Life” .


2. Vlogging :

Like Blogging, Vlogging is also a popular method to be a rich man. 

People are engaged more in YouTube than television by Vlogging. So that YouTube is a big platform where not only to earn money, but also to make  popular.

And with the recently introduced YouTube partner program you can now make money from uploading videos.
Depending on how successful you are (virality, subscriber base & topic). You can make a lot of money as well as your name of fame in the world.


3. Affiliate Marketing :

It is a very good process toearn money online by which you can start bringing in money immediately. In this method, you have to promote all sorts of companies, products, services & offers online.

If someone buys using your link, you will get a commission.

It may 5%, 10% or more.Just signup as a publisher on any affiliate networks check their offers blog or browse the merchant listings to find something you think your friends would be interested in & grab your affiliate link & share it.


4. Surveys :

In this internet era, there are various sites that offers you money for doing surveys or filling forms. They pay according to number of surveys that you take.
It takes 10 to 15 minutes for survey or filling a form. You get paid once you finish the survey.


5.  ‘PTC’ Sites :

‘PTC’ means ‘Paid To Click‘. That sites offers you money for clicking a link and stay there for 2 to 3 minutes.


Top 25 Best Ways to Earn Money Online (2019)

You will get paid a little amount of money for this.


6. ‘GPT ‘sites :

It is similar to ‘PTC’ sites, Here ‘GPT‘ means ‘Get Paid To‘. GPT sites reward you in cash and vouchers for completing various offers or activities online.


7. By Captcha Solving :

This is one of the earliest way to earn money online. As a captcha solver, you have to read the captcha images and type the exact characters.
As fast as you solve the captcha, you can get more money. Normally you get paid up to $2 for every 1000 captcha you solve.


8. From Freelancing :

It is the most popular way after blogging & affiliate marketing In this field, you can work with small or big companies on a temporary basis & provide them your services.


Top 25 Best Ways to Earn Money Online (2019)

By this, you can earn $500 to $ 2000+ per month depending on the type of freelance jobs.

You may work as a web designer, writer, graphic designer,SEO Expert, data entry etc.


9. Be a virtual Assistant :

It is like a personal assistant. By becoming a virtual assistant, you can make money by doing various tasks for some one without being physically present, like writing, painting, website maintaining, content publishing, app developing etc.


10. Writing content or posts :

If you are passionate in writing the it is the best way to earn money easily.
In this case you have to write contents or, pasts for blogs, websites, individual people, companies etc. Different types of writers get paid differently.


11. Doing Micro working :

By this way you can simply earn money $20 to $20 per day by giving some time on it.
You can get paid by completing some micro-works like site visiting, rating & commenting on different sites, finding contact details etc.


12.From Online selling :


Top 25 Best Ways to Earn Money Online (2019)


Online selling ? I don’t have any products to sell. What can I sell then ?
Don’t worry, in this way you have not to sell like traditional selling. You don’t need any products, you have to just look for around the village/city & find the best products you can sell . Now -a-days it is very easy to be a online seller in the popular online shopping sites like amazon, flipkart .
Then, what are you thinking?  Go & sign up for a seller account & list yours products on these site and earn money.


13. From Apps:

There are several types of apps which are providing money to us like paytm, Tez, Phonepe etc.
It is very easy to earn money online. In my village, a student have earned Rs.40,000 + in two months by doing this. Trust me in this way, you can also earn money like this. Only thing you need to do is take action.


14. Providing Training & Consultancy :

If you are expert on any skills, then this way will help you earn money easily. Like you can provide training on SEO, computer courses, smart phone solution, medical treatment, spoken English etc.
I am telling you a example : I have a friend who is a SEO expert and now he is earning $100 per hour by providing some SEO tips .
Then, Are you an Expert ? Start it up !


15. Sell Your Photos :

Having a DSLR camera or great camera phone  ?
Start clicking beautiful photos and sell them online. There are a number of big site where you can submit your photos. You will get paid when someone buys your photos.
You also can get paid various time for the same photo if your photo purchase various time.


16. Website / Domain Flipping :

Domain or website flipping is a process in which you can be rich at a night. In this ways, you have to buy a domain and keep it with you. And when your site or domain got older and older, just sell to a  bigger seller.
You can sell it 10 to 20 times higher than to your base price. Sometime your domain or site may get you thousands of Dollars.


17. Doing Online Data Entry :

In these days, people are making money Rs 7000+ per month in India. Trust me, it is the best method to earn money like a government teacher.


Top 25 Best Ways to Earn Money Online (2019)
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Just use your typing skills quickly to enter a information online. There are several sites to offer you this job with free of cost.


18.  SEO :


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a latest method to earn money online. There are vast number of companies which are searching for a SEO expert that can rank their website in the First page of Google or any other search engine sites.


19. SEM :

Like SEOSEM is the same process. But here, you have to focus on SEO with Marketing. Here you must be an expert in Google Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.  Now this era, these are in trending for making money online.
Are you an Expert ? Let me know in the comment box below!


20. Email or Newsletter Marketing :

These are same in work. In email marketing, you have to send your clients a sale letter via email. But in newsletter marketing, you have to send newsletter daily with the sales of products.
These are very easy, simple but if you spend some time on it, then you can earn much more money from this.


21. Coding Services :

Hurray !! I know coding writing. But can I really earn money from it ?
Hey, obviously, you can. In this way, you have to write codes for fixing a problem or designing a website. And it results you earning a lot of money.


22. By Translating :


Top 25 Best Ways to Earn Money Online (2019)

Know more languages ? 

 Then it is the suitable job for you to make money at home. Just you need to translate from a language to another language like If you know both Odia & English, then you can translate Odia language to English or vice versa.


23. Facebook Paid to Like :

Try this method once, you can easily make money with time pass. Just LIKE a Facebook page or comment/ share a post and get paid . But in this, you can only fulfill your pocket money.


24. Writing Resume & Cover :

Write a resume or Bio data for somebody or design a cover page and get paid much money quickly and easily.
It is also a good method to earn money in online by just doing these at a time or separately. Search in Google for which site offers you to do this.

25. Ad Revenue System :

In this way, you have to invest some money to earn more money. You might have heard about Traffic Monsoon or Instamojo where you can buy ad packs and make money when someone watches that ads. There is also a cons that there is rare sites which offers this.

Wrapping Up:

At Conclusion, I only to say that if you have time, enough patience and doing hard work, then you can also earn money online from data entry jobs. So, don’t hire any online jobs if you are a student now or studying in any class. Just try to be a deserved man and the Success will come to you by running which will make you the Rich Man.
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