Online Data Entry Jobs : 7 Trusted Jobs for Newbies (2019)

The online platform has served as a lot and what can be better if that could stand as an amazing earning option as well. The internet is not only limited till the social media, but at the same time, it can yield you money too, provided that you use the web wisely.

Isn’t that great when you can earn thousands of money sitting at home just by using the internet

Online Data Entry Jobs is definitely one of the best earning possibilities and you do not even require to be a geek at all to start making money!

How to Find Online Data Entry jobs in 2019 ?

If you are looking forward to start making money this coming year, 2019 would definitely serve as one of the best earning scopes for you. It is well said that it is never too late to earn good and Online Data Entry Jobs can help you attend that aim today.
I see, a lot of people think that they need to be highly qualified to start earning but honestly speaking, it is all in the way you see it to be!
It is never like you need to move out in order to get some bucks, rather a little wisdom would be enough for you to channelize your knowledge and starting to earn. So, do not wait to think until you start the year, rather make sure that you take the resolution and put it to work.
online data entry jobs
Most of us think that earning is all about going out and making money, while that’s not the case in reality. You can even stay back at home and make money. Definitely, the data entry jobs would be one of the ways where you can make around 8,000 to 10,000rupees in minimum.
The earning can increase as much as you would be able to see the figure to rise, depending on your potential to take the works and being able to deliver them on time. Online Data Entry Jobs work amazingly with just a little knowledge of Excel and that’s what you need to deal with the basics!

Data entry jobs are being enormously in the search history. This is because this still has got a lot of value which makes huge volumes of searches even today. 

People do search for such kinds of works and that is usually because they are quite helpful for the work providers or the clients to keep records of several things, which in turn, gives employment opportunities to the people on the other end. The data entry services are searched by so many people, particularly the ones who might be a little less qualified for office works.

When you go for a corporate sector, you would need several qualification certificates for the same. However, if you do not qualify for such jobs, you can always choose to apply job online.

Requisites to find Online Data Entry jobs:

These kinds of online data entry jobs are good earning opportunities for sure, but there are several sites and flying companies who claim to be the best, but in return take the advantages of your situation and sell packages.
online data entry jobs
However, you need to be very straightforward and detect about it well without being a prey to such people. Such home typing jobs basically do not want anything but all that you would just need is to have is a good typing skill.
If you have a good speed in typing, data entry operator jobs are the ones for you! Not just this, you need to keep in mind that these kinds of online data entry jobs usually need no investment nor charge for any registration fee. So, be a little wise and do not be foolish at all to deposit any money!

What is Data Entry job?

Well, I see a lot of people still having a doubt on what is data entry job!

The answer is, this is basically a kind of typing job where you would need to convert the data taken from any image, video clip or an audio and have it noted down with you in the form of words.

online data entry jobs
A data entry operator usually needs to have a good typing speed and must have the accuracy since that is what he or she would need to note the data appropriately. Data entry India claims for data entry operators for the purpose that the digital works are needed to be converted into files in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF or any other web-based system.
This is more like a virtual job where you need to place your data entry resume and you shall be done! Your accuracy and efficiency along with your typing speed do matter in computer data entryand you can expect a data entry salary up to 20,000 rupees.
Several online platforms even provide data entry training where you will be taught the basics of dealing and earning. Your earning will totally be based on your hours of work and how long you spend in-front of the PC or the laptop. It may also vary depending on the number of pages you have in the project.

7 Online data entry jobs that you should start in2019 :

#1 : Copy Paste Data Entry Jobs

These are jobs where you would need to do a simple copy paste task. The source from where you would be copying will be provided to you by the client and all you need is to copy that text or image and then paste it on the server. The text may contain several words or sentences. These data entry jobs may have pages too.
However, you will be assigned the task within a particular time frame and you would need to submit the work within that, else the data entry services or companies shall be terminating your account. These kinds of tasks are particularly given when a company wants to make a single content out of different ready made sources or generate a similar content for multiple recipients. By apply job online, this can yield you approximately 500 INR in a day.

#2 : Typing jobs

Hand typing is one of the basic kinds of data entry operator jobs. It basically includes tasks wherein you will need to type any specified document on MS Word or MS Excel from the corresponding hard copy as its resource.


A data entry operator usually needs to have a minimum typing speed of 30+ words per minute. This also constitutes converting images to word files, where you would be provided with an image file that you would be converting into the document form.

online data entry jobs
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A data entry operator needs to read the text written in the image and then write it in a document. These kinds of jobs of data entry India can help you earn up to 18000 to 20000 INR in a month.
Such kinds of computer data entry tasks generally determines your knowledge on MS Word or Excel where you may require to align the text as well as apply indentation and more such. You can apply your data entry resume to such online job providers and they shall contact you as they need someone to get the work done!

#3 : Catalog Making

Different data entry services hire people for catalog making. However, you need to have a good accuracy and typing speed as well as have the creativity too!
Mostly, here you will have to create an inventory list. You can also look for data entry training options to learn skills in this sector and perform well. You ought to have knowledge in excel since this task usually includes your efficiency to create inventories over MS Excel.
This inventory list generally involves the product name, associated serial number, description, and price. In this case, the payout generally depends on a number of catalogs you are able to create.

#4 : E-book conversion

The popularity of eBooks are growing day by day and most people these days, prefer online reading instead of reading something in physical books or hard copies. E-book conversion involves the idea of online data entry where you need to convert a complete physical book into an electronic format. Such data entry jobs include dedication and definitely your accuracy plays a greater role here.
For such kinds of online data entry, you need to apply job online and thus, you would either make use of OCR based scanning for the same or type the content manually. You shall be paid as per the word count of the E-book or the number of pages you will have to write.
These data entry services are amazing earning options for people with a good knowledge in English and certainly, the typing speed does matter!

#5 : Conversion of Audio into Texts

You need to apply job online for most kinds of data entry tasks and converting audio clips into texts include tasks where you will be assigned with a pre-recorded audio tape. All you need is to listen to it carefully and get it written in the form of word document.
Of course, this determines your potential to write and at the same time, you need to have your concentration while listening to the audio clip. An incorrect entry would not be encouraged any way.
Besides, you will be paid according to the number of audio clips you are able to convert. The rate would be levied based on per audio clip. Thus, home typing can help you earn really good if you know the ways!

#6 : Web Research


These data entry operator jobs are particularly offered by people who are trying to build an online presence &earn money from online. They mostly require data such as company profile, revenue, number of employees, stakeholder information and more.

online data entry jobs

Being an employer, all you would need is to perform an online search and then find, collect and finally list these data in an Excel format.

#7 : Online Form Filling

In this kind of computer data entry job, you will be given a long online form with a separate file containing all the details. All you need is to feed the online form with proper values that would be stored in the database for future use.
This comes with a decent data entry salarywhere you will be able to earn a good sum.  A data entry operator would be terminated for work in case of wrong data entry. These kinds of online data entry jobs are mostly offered by several survey companies.
Wrapping Up :
These online data entry jobs can yield you really good, and that too, from the comfort of your home. All you need is to submit your data entry resume to different freelancing sites, Fiverr, Upwork, Newspaper ads, classified sites and job portals. All you need is register an account on these platforms for free and create a profile.


Just as you search for a job, you need to go through the job description well and then analyze yourself at first. If you think yourself to be comfortable doing it, you are always welcome to choose and proceed and I know, you can make money from online easily. 


You may be asked for a few quality assessment tests before handing an assignment. However, always make sure you request your clients to give you a feedback that would help you in receiving future assignments.

Let me know what type of online data entry jobs you would like to do in 2019 in comment below.

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