MilesWeb Hosting : The Complete Guide about MilesWeb Hosting cPanel !

Everything You need to Know About MilesWeb cPanel :

Are you a newbie in the web hosting industry? And not aware of cPanel then you are at the right place to know about cPanel. The cPanel is one of the crucial elements in the web hosting industry.  It is utilized by various web hosting companies due to easy management, flexibility, customization, etc. This article will provide a summary about cPanel that you should be aware of:

What is cPanel ?

cPanel comprises of tools that you can use to simplify the whole website management process. However, the list of processes are never ending as it includes management of files, domain names, emails, databases, securities, etc. I am going to highlight the important tools that you can use to manage your website/blog.
Many web hosting companies offer  cPanel web hosting either in their plans or add-ons. Likewise, MilesWeb is one of the web hosting providers that offers cPanel + softaculous included in all the plans. Their support team is available 24*7*365 daysand you can contact them via chat, email and phone.



From the above screenshots, you can buy any plan or contact their support team to know more about cPanel. Looking for Plesk Reseller Hosting ? Check MilesWeb Windows Reseller plan.

What can I do with cPanel ?

• Connect domain names to your hosting
• Set up emails for your website
• Install CMS
• Take backup of your website
• Uploads files
• Check bandwidth usage

How do I log in ?

Once your hosting is set up by the provider you will get the control panel url, password and user name.

For example:

Then enter the user name and password.

Let’s take look on cPanel features

Softaculous Apps Installer : 



Softaculous is one of the pioneered features in the cPanel. It provides access to hundreds of web apps and you can quickly install them on your hosting plan with a few clicks. Whatever is your requirement, you will get it fulfilled in the Softaculous.

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Email Accounts :


Next important feature after Softaculous is Email accounts. With the help of this tool, you can add and manage the email accounts for all your domains. It is suggested to set a limit for the space of each account, because emails will take up on space on your hosting plans. However, this is not applicable to all to the users.

• Email Accounts: To add a new email account click on Email accounts that is highlighted in the above screenshots.
• Access your webmail: After setting up your account, browse you will redirect to the login portal of webmail

Domains :



The Domains feature of cPanel is the ultimate spot, where you can add a domain name that you have purchased.  Moreover, you can also manage the sub-domains or set a redirect of the domain. 
Site Publisher: To add a domain name to your cPanel, click on site publisher in the domain section.
Add-on Domains: Here you can add new or unique domain that can be used to design a fully functional website. This is applicable only when you have a feature called “Host multiple domains” included in the plan. MilesWebunlimited web hosting plan offers this feature at Rs. 312 /mo.

Security :


cPanel offers multiple security features like IP blocker, SSL/TLS and many more that you can see in the above mentioned screenshots.
IP blocker: As the name itself suggests that you can block the IP addresses or domain name from accessing your website. There are the possibilities that hackers can try to get access your website with the help of a brute force attack. You can identify those IP addresses and add in the IP blocker.
SSL/TLS: This features permits to generate and manage SSL certificates that strengthen the websites’ security. Nowadays, Google has made compulsory to install SSL certificate on the website. However, SSL certificateencrypts the data from the hackers. If you are running an eCommerce website, SSL certificate plays an important role in increasing the trust of the customers. MilesWeb offers free SSL certificate included in their plans without charging a penny.

Files :

In file section, you can upload the files, backup your website data and manage your file transfer protocol accounts. 
Backup Wizard: cPanel makes it easy to restore your website data by offering the feature called “Backup Wizard”. This feature is crucial, especially when you are switching your provider. In case, you are looking for customized backup solution then check MilesWeb CodeGuard backup service starting at Rs.165/mo.


Conclusion :

Wow, finally you have understood the cPanel, it’s time to work practically and develop your blog/ website. I personally suggest to check other tools of cPaneland use it accordingly depending on your requirement.


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