Knowledgeable Things to Know About Logo Designs

A logo is one of the most significant features of the business, as it used to represent the image and worth of the company. A well-design logo design is not only there to tell the world the name of the company, but it also creates a visual symbol that makes recognition of the business to the world. 

Some logo designs are designed in such a way that it is hard for people to forget it, or in other words, we can say that some logo designs are just too memorable for everyone.


There are some of the best logo designs agency Dubai and in other big countries where technology is at its peak, creates the logo design so artistically using the unique techniques to make it a memorable one.

Benefits of Having a Logo Design

It is very important that the logo design of the company that is created by any logo designs agency Dubai should be unique as there are many benefits of having a nicely designed logo. Some of the significance of having a proper logo design includes,
A well-designed logo helps in establishing the first impression of the company or brand.
  1. It is created with a proper concept and strategy for promoting the brand.
  2.  A great logo always helps the business to build an identity and makes it easy for the company to manage to market themselves.
  3. A logo shows the level of the professionalism of the business or brand.
  4. A good logo helps the company to increase the conversion rate if it is supported by the good quality of the product or the services that the company offers to the world.

Various Types of Logo Designs

Every brand has their own choice, andthey select the logo design that suits their name or theme of the business. There are so many types of logo designs and extensive options for the business to choose the logo design for their company. Some of the most usual types of the log designs include,

·       Wordmark Logo

·       Lettermark Logo

·       Pictorial Logo

·       Mascots Logo

·       Visual Double Entendre Logo

1. Wordmark Logo

A wordmark logo is the one that has the entire name of the company or business is displayed on the design, just like the logo design of the Samsung or Sony company.

2. Lettermark Logo

Lettermark logo designs are only comprised of the abbreviations, or initials of the business company. It is either because of the very long name of the company, or the company decides to keep it short. The best example of the Lettermark logo is the logo design of the HBO (House Box Office).

3. Pictorial Logo

The pictorial logo is the one that is represented by some kind of the shape or any image, just like the logo design of the Apple Inc. that has the apple with a bite taken from it, or the Twitter logo with a bird in it.

4. Mascots Logo

Mascots logo design are the ones that have the image of some illustrated characters in it. The logo design of the fast-food restaurant KFC or McDonald’s are the best examples to demonstrate the mascots logo designs.

5. Visual Double Entendre Logo

Visualdouble entendre logos are the unique and beautiful type of logo designs. In visual double entendre logo designs, there is always a combination of a few things to deliver a double meaning of the logo or to describe the name of the brand. The best examples of the visual double entendre logos can be of Airtime, Wine Place, and Domino’s Pizza. 

Professional Tools to Create Logo Designs

All the logo designs can only be a great success only if they are created by an expert using the professional logo designing tools. There are hundreds of the logo designing tools, but only an expert is able to understand that there are only a few logos designing software that are worth purchasing to design the outclass logo designs.
Ten of the expert logo designing tool that every expert and qualified logo designers use these days includes,
  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. CorelDraw
  4. Affinity Designer
  5. JetA Logo Creator
  6. Canva
  7. LogoJoy
  8. SoThink
  9. Inkscape
  10. Apple Motion


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