How to Improve Your Internet Privacy? (2020)

How to Improve Your Internet Privacy : The Internet took over the world by storm ever since it came into existence. With the widespread use of the internet in almost every sector comes the raising concerns on data privacy and security.

You often hear about data breached, strangers, looking at your photos shared on social media platforms, various installed applications accessing your personal information and the list goes on. You do not need to get disappointed because there is hope. You do have control over the data you share via the internet. All you need to do is to pay attention to your privacy online. It all begins with you asking yourself about who are the best internet providers near me? You must opt for a reliable and secure internet service provider to help you protect your data such as Mediacom internet connection and the likes that are leading the US market across the country.

Here’s the Best 6 Tips to Improve Your Internet Privacy :

Social Privacy Settings

It is important to check out your privacy settings when you are using social media platforms. Generally, the social accounts give you authority over the extent of information you want to share with everyone. You can decide the amount of information that should be visible to any stranger who views your profile. Therefore, you must adjust your social media account privacy settings for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter straight away.

Avoid Using Public Storage

It is recommended to avoid using any online storage services to store any personal data. There are many online storage tools available including Dropbox or Google Docs. They might not always prove reliable for sensitive personal information. For instance, avoid storing your passwords or personal documents in such public storage tools.

Prevent Tracking

Often you do not realize while visiting different websites that they are accessing your information. Your surfing history might be used by marketers to reach out to you for ads and other marketing purposes. Incognito mode does not always help to prevent tracking. There are some special tools available that can prove helpful in protecting you from web tracking.

Protect your Email Address and Phone Number

It is highly important to keep your email address and phone number private. They should not be visible to others. If so, you end up receiving tons of spams and numerous robocalls on your phone number. There are times when you need to share your contact details on the internet because of certain reasons. However, you must always avoid sharing your email address or phone number on any social media platform or to random people. You can use a separate email address if you are required to use it on the internet for online shopping or other purposes.

Use of Encrypted Apps




Most of the modern apps usually come with end-to-end encryption. Especially the messaging apps ensure that the service provider cannot read the messages. This helps in ensuring maximum privacy and security to your personal information.

Use of Secure Password

You should never take the risk of using a weak password for protecting your personal information. That might get you into trouble. Always choose a long, complicated and strong password so that it becomes impossible for anyone to access your data. You can use various password managers to save your passwords in case you forget them.

These are some simple yet effective ways that can help you secure your data and save your accounts against any unwanted activity. Try them out and enjoy safe browsing!


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