HP Spectre 13 Review : All You Need To Know (2019)

HPrecently launched their portable laptop, Spectre 13, which is surely going to dominate the market with its sleek aesthetics and still affordable cost when it comes to ultra-books. It has a powerful hardware despite its thin and cool looks. HP didn’t compromise with the performance at all making Spectre 13aesthetically top notch. 

Let’s take a good look at the pros and cons of it and its competing laptops. 



The laptop is 0.41 inches thin with a WLED backlit multi-touch 13.3 inch screen and Intel Core i7 quad core processor with a 8MB cache with a Turbo Boost. 

Spectre 13 has Intel UHD Graphics 620, 256 GB storage space, 8 GB RAM and has one HD Wide Vision Camera which has a dual array digital microphone. The laptop’s width and depth are 12.8 inch and 9.03 inch respectively. 

The screen bezels have been down sized and it gives the laptop a very good look. The signature feature for Spectre family provided by HP is the gold trim that bedecks the edges and the hinge. 

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The keyboard is similar to Apple Magic Keyboard with smooth and convenient design. One drawback that was seen was that its trackpad won’t give you the privilege of adjusting the amount of force it will be required to click. 

When it comes to track pads, MacBooks lead the way. Spectre has a pixel density of 166 PPI, which is a disappointment. 

Connectivity and Ports


Spectre 13 does not have many ports as compared to Macbooks. Probably to make it more portable, a compromise was made with the number of ports. 

This is a point where you can choose the laptop if you prefer less ports or go for another laptop if what you are looking for is a good set of them. The laptop has two Thunderbolt 3 ports, one USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type C, one headphone port, Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi


The thunderbolt 3 port is technically a port that leverages USB C for any transfer of data, to charge your device and outside devices and displaying videos. 


This port is a reversible plug as well and can be easily used in the dark. It is a future port indeed. You will need a dongle for the DisplayPort and HDMI accessories that you own. 

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As compared to the Dell XPS 13 laptop, Spectre 13 has the 8th generation intel processor and it works very efficiently. 

Its graphics are good and can be used as a gaming laptop and to watch videos. It has a good display and color reproduction is good too. 

It is not a usual sight seeing a quad core processor in ultrabooks, but Spectre 13 works very good with it. The tests conducted to compare the laptop to macbooks showed that it is quite similar to it and is a good choice at the price it comes. 

Though Spectre 13 don’t claim to be excellent with its graphics, it is still moderately good for gaming and can be considered as a good option. 

Battery life


HP Spectre 13 has a battery life of around six hours with heavy applications being used. Its battery life is less than that of Dell XPS 13, which lasted for around seven hours with similar work load. Macbook Pro lasted for six and a half hours under similar usage. 

Thus, a little compromise here too was made. Though the battery isn’t that bad, but its competitors surely have better batteries to provide to its customers. User can explore various latest gadgets today with amazing Amazon Coupons Online.



Spectre 13 might be highly good with aesthetics and performance, but it still lacks a good trackpad, battery and a wide range of ports. It will bring dongle life back for its customers. 

The laptop surely is very versatile and portable, having Kaby Lake Refresh processor by Intel, which is a 8th generation processor. 

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The looks of the laptop are too good and this ultrabook will keep spectators dazzled. Spectre 13 comes at the price of $1499. On the other hand, Dell XPS 13 will cost you $1349

But Spectre 13 surely gives a lot more at the cost at which it is available. Whether you are in a coffee shop or in a class taking notes, this laptop will not let you down when it comes to its aesthetics and performance. A good affordable choice, it’s worth a buy this year! 

Hope this review of HP Spectre 13 helps you while buying this laptop. Do let me know if you have any further doubts or comments in comment box below. Thank YOU !! 

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