How to protect your Smart Phone from Theft or Loss ? RC CREATURE Tips

I know, you have a Smart Phone that may be 3G or 4G , may be an Indian brand or a Chinese or another country brand, it may be a budget smartphone or may be a premium smartphone.
It’s true that all we are not only enjoying by it, but also we are doing many work by it. But we don’t know that it has a ‘Live’. Yes, I know, it can’t able to understand / exchange emotions like us . But still it’s far better than an animal! When there’s coming a question about its Security, we suddenly open our eyes. But it’s late, there will be nothing!!!

So, friends, in this post/article, I will share some basic tips by which you can protect your smartphone from theft or loss. Do slide up the page to protect your smartphone!!!

Before Your Smartphone is lost or stolen:-

Step 1 : Add a Gmail ID  

When we buy a new phone or a second hand phone, we have to register a Gmail id to that. By which we can register our phone in Google. If you don’t have a Gmail account, then you must create an account with your name, DOB and your mobile number simply & easily.

Step 2 : Set a Unguessable Screen Lock password

When you set your screen lock password, always use a strongest Password (don’t use any Pin, Pattern Lock or any ) & keep in mind that your password will not be guessed by anyone . For example, if I set my lock password as ‘rccreature097‘ , then it may be guessed by anyone. But if I set it as ‘RccReatuRe$097 , then it may never be guessed. Got it ?

Step 3 : Set ‘Android Device Manager’ as Phone Administrator

Just go to your Settings => Google (under ‘Personal’) => Security => Find My Device (Same as Android Device Manager) => Turn on to enable this as Phone Administrator 

Step 4 : Lock your Lock Screen

It sounds like nonsense. But trust me, it’s very important step. By which, you can lock your Lock screen. Ok, let me explain you ! Just think that you found a premium smartphone on road when you came . At that time, I know, you will 1st try to switch off the smartphone as you like that most. True or false ?? Ha ha… So, like that if your phone got lost or stolen, the thief must try to switch off the smartphone even your smartphone locked . Thus, we should lock our phone’s Lock screen. Now you think ‘ How?

Don’t worry, just read this article line by line!!!

For locking your Smartphone Lock screen, there is more third-party apps to help you with free and also some are paid in Play Store. But here, I will recommend you to download a app namely ‘
Smart Lock screen Protector ‘ . Install here and lock your Lock screen.


Step 5 : Always Turn on Location & Cellular Data

Yes, I know, if  we keep this turned on, then our battery will be vanished in some hours. But in this 4G era, our smartphones are not only smart, they are Super Smart as it knows how to save its battery!! Am I right or wrong? Comment below !

After Your Smartphone Lost or Stolen :-

Whatever your goal, the sooner you act, the better your chances of achieving it. Here are key actions to take.

Step 1 : Seek & Destroy

As soon as possible, log on to your “find my phone” service from a secure device. Try to locate the phone on a map. If it’s nearby, have the phone ring. If it’s not close enough for you to reach within the next few minutes, push the erase button. By which your all data will be erased from that device.

Step 2 : Change your Important Passwords

As soon as you realize your phone is no longer in your possession and not quickly recoverable, go to the nearest secure computer, log into every account you had on your phone (banking, shopping, e-mail, etc.) and change your passwords. Start with the financial and shopping accounts that have your credit card on file, such as or your bank, and quickly move on to e-mail and social networks.

Step 3 : Register a F.I.R to your nearest Police Station

Notifying the police not only launches an official recovery attempt, but is also required for a credit freeze. The three major reporting agencies—Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion—require a copy of the police report before they’ll freeze it. You may also need the police report to dispute fraudulent charges made on your credit cards.


So friends, it was some of basic tips by which you can protect your smartphone from theft or loss ! Hope you will protect your smartphone.

If you have any other doubts or any suggestions, then publish a comment below. Thank You!!

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