How to Make Projector at Home ?

Everybody will go for the purchase if they need a projectorfor their personal use. Do you know you can make your own projector at home at very less cost? Yes, everyone can make their own projector at home by purchasing the components and tools from the online store or nearest shop. 


If you are a new projector maker, the projector you built doesn’t look rich so it is not advised to use in the official business presentations, but you can use these projectors in your sweet home for watching the movies, playing the video games, and various other needs.
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Why do you need to make a projector by yourself?

The answer to the above question is so simple as everyone knows the average price range of the HD projectors available in the current day market is approximately around 30,000/- INR. You may have a desire to buy a new one, but if it is beyond your budget it’s hard to buy, so it is good to make a projector in your own way for personal uses so that you can make it like the way you wish to display the videos and images on the screen.

Steps to make your own projector:

Here we bring some valuable information to let you know how to make your own projector at home.

Buy the components

Before starting to make the projector, buy the necessary components for the preparation. Components you require is the MP4 player with quality screen, Project box, Projector-lens, wiring cables, Fan, Small switch, and LED. Also, buy the tools like soldering gun, screws to hold the fan for heat exhaustion and other tools based on the needs.

Preparing the lens:

Always use the condenser lens as that will give you the better images with good brightness. Use the saw to cut the handle from the magnifying glass and glue the corners of the box together.


Make the necessary measurements before starting the set-up. Take a pencil and draw the layout to decide where to place the LED, condenser lens, fan, and switch to finish the set-up. 


When you plan to start giving the wire connection to make the lens to reflect the data as the output on the screen, make the wire connections neatly. Otherwise, if any problem occurs later, you will get confused by the connection you made earlier.

Lens placement:

After you cut the box to fit the components inside, position your lens on the top, and then center it. Using a pencil, trace the cut line. You need to carefully cut the place to make sure it is as smooth as possible. Damage to the lens will make you repurchase again, so handle it with care.

Connect the fan with screwdrivers:

After you finish the primary set-up at the extreme back setup your fan for heat exhaustion by tightening it up with the screw-drivers. Before closing the projector box, turn on the projector and check whether the wiring was properly given or not to exhaust the heat from the running projector.

Test it on the day-light:

Do the daily test to make sure the projector you made was working in a fine way. Do not fail to test it under the day-light with the images and videos as that will give you the better idea about the arrangement. Once everything is completed, turn off the lights and enjoy the fun.

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