Make Money Online : Top 18 Actionable Ways for Newbies(2019)

Do you have a website and want to make money online from it?

Of course, Yes, who does not want this !! 

But how ??

Well, here you will be finding the information about making money from your website

Top 18 Experimented Actionable Ways to Make Money Online (2019)

It is seen that many people start the websites to make money but unfortunately, they end up getting nothing. The reason is they don’t know the ways to make money online from a website.

If you are facing the same problem, then you have landed on a right page. Below mentioned are the top 18 actionable ways that can help you to make money online from your website right away !!

#1 : Google AdSense

The first way that you can use to make money online from website is of course Google AdSense

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It is one of the biggest ad networks that can help you to earn a good amount of money when you have traffic on your website.

It is very easy to get started with Google AdSense. All you need is just sign up to Google AdSense or login with your email id to create your AdSense account. 

Then you will need to enter a verify code on your website so that Google AdSense can verify that you are the owner of the website where you are looking to place the ads.

When you have paste that code in your website’s editor, just come again to your AdSense account and click verify. Your website will be verified and will be reviewed.
Most of the times you will get reply from AdSense within 24 hours. If your website or blog comply with the Google AdSense policies, then your website will be approved and you can instantly start placing ads on your website.
So, if you haven’t yet started making money from your website, just apply for Google AdSense. You will not earn a huge amount with Google AdSense. But before, do consider to improve your traffic too if you are really looking to make money online.

#2 : Affiliate Marketing

Second method that you can use to earn money online from website isaffiliate marketing. These days many online shopping websites rely on affiliate marketing to grow their sales and profit.

For this they reach to the websites or blogs that are similar to their products and ask the website owners to promote their products on website. 

make money online


For every sale, website owner gets commission. So, do reach out to the businesses that are similar to your website and promote their products on your website.

There are also many websites who works as a middleman between the website owners and the business owners who are looking for their product promotion. You can simply sign up on such affiliate marketing websites.
When you get approved just apply for the advertisers that have the products similar to your website and get their links and start promoting them. The commissions that you will get from every sale will various from product to product.


Best part of affiliate marketing is that you don’t get commission only for sales, you can also get paid when anyone signup using your affiliate link

There are many campaigns that paid to you for every click, for every lead or for every sale. Just join any of them which you think is suitable for you to promote.

#3 : Accept Sponsored Posts


This is the another great way to earn money online from your website

When you have traffic on your website and your users are very engaging too, many business owners will contact you to post their products on your website. 

They will offer you a good amount of money for publishing their post on your website.

If you find their offer suitable, just accept it and publish their post on your website. 

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It is seen that many bloggers these days are getting a lot of money from sponsored posts. They don’t put ads on their blogs for better user experience. 

So giving it a try is not a bad idea. While accepting such posts, do remember that the post will be related to your niche.

#4 : Email Marketing


If you have a list of emails of your users, then you can get more and more traffic to your website which in result will help you to make money from your website easily. 

If you are new and you don’t have subscribers, you need to start collecting the emails of your readers.

There are many ways that you can use to collect the emails of your readers. You can add a pop up to your website and you can create a subscription form etc.


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Remember that no one easily subscribe to any website or blog unless they find the website super informative. So, try to share the information honestly that give them the information they are looking for.

When you have collected many emails, just send them the notifications of your new posts. This will get them back to your website and you can increase your traffic.

Moreover, when you have an email list, you can share your affiliate links to all your subscribers and if any of them will buy the product from your link, you will get paid. 

So, always collect the emails of your readers when you want to get more traffic and earn money online website.

#5 : Create Your Own Digital Product

There are many bloggers and websites who are selling their own digital products to earn money. This is a great idea to earn money online from website.


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If you have great experience in any field, just write about it and create eBook of it. When you have created, start selling it on your website. You can also ask your users what type of information they want from you to share.

This will give you a good idea and you can start writing on that topic. It is not so difficult to create an eBook especially when you have in-depth knowledge about any particular topic. 

Not just an eBook, if you have idea about any digital product that can solve the problems of many internet users, just go with it.

When you have made your product use the affiliate marketers to promote your product and you can easily get many sales. 

With your own digital product, you can build your email list too. Just offer the new users of your website your digital product for free or offer them trial of your product when they subscribe to you.

# 6 : Review the Products of Other Companies


Reviewing the products on your website is also a good way to earn money online website

For reviewing you can get paid from the product owner or if you have affiliate link to that product, you can get commission with it.

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Find the products in your niche and write a review about that product. 

Within that content, share the affiliate links to that product or the products that are similar to the one you are reviewing. So, when anyone will read your review and will click and buy that product from your link, you will get paid.

This money making method you probably have seen on many websites as these days it is a common method to get some passive income. 

Compared to the other methods, this method can earn you more money as only those people will read your reviews who are really interested in buying that product.

So, they will definitely go through your links if they are satisfied with your review and product.

#7 : Offer Online Courses

As we have discussed above, if you are expert in any field, you can create an eBook and start promoting it.


make money online


Just like that, if you know you have enough experience in your particular niche, just start online courses for that. 

These days, there are many users who are looking to learn new things from home and for that they keep searching.

If you offer such classes online, you will definitely get many users who will like to learn from you. So, start online courses to earn money onlinefrom your website right now .

#8 : Add a “Hire Me” Page to Your Website


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When you know that you have enough experience and you can offer your services to other businesses to earn money online website, Just add a Hire Me page to your website.  it will give an idea to other business owners that you sell your services.

So, they can contact you via this page and you can get many projects. If you want to hire me , then feel free to Contact Us !

#9 : Generate Leads for Other Companies

This is another best way to earn money online from website. You probably know that all businesses use email marketing to promote their products.
They always are looking for the sources from where they can get such lists. You can do this for them and in return they will offer you good amount of money.


For example, if your website is about fashion, then collecting the emails and phone number of your users for all the businesses who make fashion products will be of great value. 

You will be paid for all the leads you provide to them, it doesn’t matter whether the users buy the products from them or not. 

So, do try this method and make money from your website.

#10 : Create Job Boards


You probably don’t know that you can make money online by creating a job board on your website. 

It is a simple way to earn money as recruiters will post a job on your website and if anyone from your users applies to their jobs, you will be paid.

make money online

It is a very challenging method to start with as recruiters will only post on your website if they get leads from there. 

Many websites have started this method but couldn’t succeed. But, with a proper planning you can really earn good amount of money with job boards.

Best thing is that you don’t need to do anything when it all get started. The people who are looking to hire anyone will keep posting on your websites. 

And those who want jobs will keep replying to them. So, with job boards, you can really get some extra income from your website.

To get better results with job boards, it is good to charge as low as possible. The reason is, by doing this you can attract many customers and when they got the applicants, they will surely come back again with new job offers. 

So, job boards can really help you to earn money online from website .

#11 : Add a Directory to List Various Businesses

This is also a great method to earn money online from your website. You can add a directory to list various businesses on your website and for that you can charge them monthly.


If you have a lot of traffic then many companies will easily agree to pay you for listing their website on your directory list.

make money online

Moreover, it can help your readers too as your readers can search for the businesses from there if they need any service from them.

To start, you need to promote this feature so that people can know that they can list their websites on your directory list. You can also reach out to the businesses and ask them to list their business on your website.
When they will get traffic from your website, they will happily continue with you and you can earn monthly from all of them. So, do try this method to earn money online from website.

#12 : Premium Content

This is one of the best methods to earn money online . These days many people are following this method to earn money online .

All you need is just write a good piece of content.

make money online

We all know that when anyone lands on your website, he/she wants to learn more. So, you can offer them good quality content for a price.

If they liked your previous content they will surely buy your premium content. 

Moreover, if you are sharing tips and tricks for any game, then this can work best for you. Just share some tricks about any game and ask your users to pay to get access to all the tricks you have shared.

If your tricks are genuine, they will happily buy the content from you. This method is a bit challenging as no one will easily buy your content. 

You need to be an amazing writer if you really need earn money with it.

#13 : Embed YouTube Videos to Your Website


Videos are more engaging than the text !

So if you are serious about making money from your website, start making videos related to your content on website and publish it on YouTube.

make money online

When you have uploaded many videos and have got many views, apply for Google AdSense for your YouTube videos. When your YouTube channel has ads, just embed your videos on your website.

Now, when your readers will come to website and watch your videos, you canearn a lot of money from YouTube ads too. This is really a great way to earn money online from website but you need to do some extra efforts.
This method will not only help your visitors to get engaged with your websites, but will also help you to increase views on your YouTube videos that you embedded.

#14 : Accept Donations


Another fine method to earn money online from website is accept donations

When you find that you are not getting so many monthly visits to your website and you aren’t able to earn money from your website, but have someengaging visitors, then it is good to ask them for donations so that you can cover some basic expenses.

If your visitors are really happy with your content, they will surely donate. This method will not get you a lot of money but you can keep your website running with it. 

There are many software or apps that can easily let you accept donations from your website. Just install them on your website and start accepting donations.

#15 : Consulting

If you are experienced in your niche, then help others in the same field who are looking to succeed. You can charge hourly for sharing your knowledge. This way is also the best to make money online .


This method will take some efforts to earn you money but when started, you will start getting customers easily and you can earn money while sharing your knowledge and experience.

make money online

You can setup webinars and workshops too to share your knowledge.

Just host it on your website that you are hosting a webinar. All your readers will surely buy tickets for that webinar and you can earn a lot of money from there. 

When your webinar or workshop is completed just sell the recordings on your website.

Moreover, some other businesses can come on your stage to promote their products. You can get some commission from them too. So, offering your services can really earn you a lot of money.

#16 : Sell Ad Space


There are many networks that allow you to publish ads on your website. For that, you get some amount of commission for every impression or for every click. 

But, if you sell ad space directly to the companies who are looking to promote their businesses, then you can earn even more.

You can charge them as per the reputation of your website as well as you can charge them differently for every space you will offer them to add.
For example, for ads in sidebar, header and footer, you can charge differently. This is really a great way to earn money online from website.


Remember that, you should have so many monthly visitors to get started with this method as you cannot earn much if there are only few visitors. 

Moreover, you can also set a flat price for every month. The price will depend on the number of visitors you are getting and you will be paid on starting of the month.

So, if you have a lot of traffic on your website but are not getting many visitors, then do try this method to make money online from your website.

#17 : Create and Sell Physical Products

There are many website from where you can customize their products and then can sell them. You can set the price for the product that you will customize. So, just search such websites and design them.
When you have designed few products, just share them on your website. If your readers find that product interesting, they will surely buy them and you can get the commission that you set while creating those products.
This method to make money online website require some skills. If you have some designing skills, do try this one. Best part of this method is that you can set your own price.
For example, if a product that you are customizing is of $20, you can customize it and price it $30 or so on. Now, when anyone will buy that product, you will get the commission amount that you set.

#18 : Sell Your Website


In case you want to earn a lot of money within a few times, then you can sell your website.

If you have website that have so many engaging visitors, you can be very wealthy by selling your website.


make money online

On the other hand, if there are not so many engagements with your website, then you cannot get good price. This method is not recommended unless you are retiring of this work.

Moreover, if you think that you have any other better idea to start writing about, then you can sell your previous website and can start the new one. 

So, you can consider selling your website to make money online if nothing is working for you.

Final words :


So, these are the best ways to make money online

Remember that you need to put some efforts to make money online with your website. However, we have listed some methods that are experimented and safe ways to make money online .

Go through all and find which one suits you more and start earn moneyonline from your website with that method. Use the method explained in end at last if you find nothing is working for you.

Otherwise keep trying other methods always.

And you can also read my previous post about how to earn money online with Google . Thank you !! Will see you soon !!

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