How to Call and Use Internet in Airplane or Flight or Aeroplane Mode ? [Updated]

Hello friends, as you know when we browse something, we need a internet connection, it may be 2G or 3G or 4G

Sometime, there are least people who annoys you, disturbs you repeatedly or when you travel via Flight, you have to switch off your smartphone or you have to enable the Flight mode or Airplane mode. 

Therefore, your cellular network will be gone vanished so that you can’t call or use internet in your smartphone. ?


Don’t worry , I am here to help you . In this article, I will share some interesting Tips & Tricks by which you can again use your internet connection in Airplane mode or flight mode too ?

Before knowing that trick, let me explain you what the airplane mode means !

What does Airplane mode refer ?

Airplane mode, airplane mode, flight mode, offline mode, or standalone mode is a setting available on many smartphones, portable computers, and other electronic devices that, when activated, suspends radio-frequency signal transmission by the device, thereby disabling Bluetooth, telephony, and Wi-Fi.

So, as you read, it’s impossible to do call or use internet connection in Airplane mode?

But, just read this below steps and you can know the Tips & Tricks for using Internet use in Airplane mode .

How to call and use internet in Airplane or Flight Mode ?

Turn on your cellular data or mobile data 
Next Turn on the Airplane mode or flight mode 
Open your phone dialer & dial this code *#*#4636#*#*
Next you can see a interface like this .



You have to select ‘Device Information‘ (See Upper attached screenshot)
You can see like this interface next .



Then enable only ‘Mobile Radio Power‘ by slide right .
After enabling this option, you can see like this interface. (See below Screenshot)


Finally, you did it. Now you can call or use internet in Airplane mode or flight mode.

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So, this was my a little bit Tips & Tricks to tell you. If you have any queries regarding this , then you may publish a comment below this. Thank You !!?


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