How to Activate WhatsApp Screen Lock Feature ?(2019)

Whatsapp, which is the most famous social messaging application today, has become a third party victim lately. Not just the professional hackers, many near and dear ones also can prey on you to access your private chats in Whatsapp.

Hence to protect yourself from these intruders, it is very necessary to activate the screen lock feature of Whatsapp. Just locking the main screen of the phone is not enough to have the best security. Your near ones like friends or beloved can easily trick you to the password and get access to everything in your absence.

So, for the best security measures, you need to lock each and every application separately. For Whatsapp too, you need to follow the same rule.

New Security Feature of  Whatsapp

Lately, Whatsapp has launched one of the finest security measures in the form of Touch ID and Face ID. All iPhone users above version above 8 can have the advantage of this Finger ID security whereas the latest version has both.  
The wonderful facility is coming soon for the Android users as well and it is expected to protect the application from third party usage and hacking.
This Touch ID and Face ID protection in Whatsapp completely eliminates the risk of any intruder even if your phone is NOT locked.

How to put a lock on Whatsapp screen in Android and iPhone

For iPhone


a) By Whatsapp Security lock

In iPhone, you cannot lock applications like smartphones. But due to the latest available security feature of Whatsapp, all iPhone users above version 8 can now lock Whatsapp screen easily. 
1. Open the Whatsapp application and go to Settings.
2. Click on Account->Privacy->Security->Select Screen lock
3. Here you will be provided with both choices for Face ID and Touch ID. Select anyone as per your convenience and you are done.


Now whenever you want to open your WhatsApp, it will scan your face or biometric for giving access. So now, even if you give your phone to any third party, they cannot access your WhatsApp in any way. 

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b) By Restrictions

For individuals who are using an older version of iPhone below 8, might not find this security feature in Whatsapp. They can choose the other route by imposing restrictions. 
1. Go to Settingsfrom Home screen
2. Choose the option Restrictions
3. Next, go to ‘Enable restrictions’ and choose Whatsapp to restrict.
4. Now enter the passcode twice and confirm.
5. You won’t find the Whatsapp icon in the home screen anywhere but its running in your phone.  

For Android


Android users might not have the latest Whatsapp security yet, but they have plenty of apps to keep a lock on Whatsapp screen

The best to use is Applock.

1. Install Applock from Play Store
2. Tap to open it and choose a password or pattern for the locked apps.
2. Now go to Whatsapp
3. There will be a small open lock icon. Click on it to enable the lock
4. That’s it. Now, you need to enter that password or lock every time to open the Whatsapp screen.
There are plenty of other applications as well in Android that helps you to lock Whatsapp


The following ways give us a guide about how we can protect our Whatsapp by locking its screenfrom the third party users. 

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