Fortnite Tips for Beginners : The Most Advanced Tips and Tricks (2019)

Although there is still a lot to be able to get closer to its final version, ‘Fortnite‘ is already among us and the first impressions that the Epic game has left us invite us to think that we are going to spend many hours with him.

Fortnite Tips for Beginners : The Most Advanced Tips and Tricks (2019)


If you think that may be your case, this guide for beginners can help you a lot during the first hours. Here, I will share some fortnite tips for beginners and some fortnite advanced tips and tricks of 2018.
In it we collect the best tips to collect resourcesget the best character, find treasures and survivors, learn how classes work and evolution and, of course, make your backpack is filled with valuable loot in the form of weapons and plans.
Some Previous Advice :
First let’s see some tips for those who just start playing, since the game is not focused too much on giving us previous advice and to avoid many of them can make the game in the long run gets a bit uphill.
Very attentive to the tutorial. You will learn the basics and letting things happen can give you problems later on. Take it easy.
Take advantage of everything you can unlock at the beginning. You may not know very well what it is for during the first hours, but you will appreciate having the most unlocked while you are gaining the first points and completing missions.
The first missions are key to see how you like to play before specializing in a particular class.
Take advantage of the little difficulty of the first missions to experiment and explore.
Head to the loot. Getting resources is the key to the game, so collect as much as you can and you’ll worry after what it’s for.
Take your time on each mission. It may be that the objectives for time get your attention, but you will gain much more by exploring the map and looking for resources and chests. 

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Getting Resources :
Collecting everything you find is the easy part, but getting the most out of the collection of resources is not something that you learn the second. Here are some tips to find what you are looking for and not have your backpack full of trash.
Fortnite Tips for Beginners : The Most Advanced Tips and Tricks (2019)


You will never have wood, metal or stone left over because they will be crucial to create structures, so do not miss the chance to break a huge tree or rock if it is close to you.
Everything you break will give you resources, so dedicating yourself to destroying a whole house if you have nothing better to do, is not necessarily a waste of time.
Be careful to break objects that contain something inside. First collect what there is and then break it, otherwise you will lose that hidden loot.
Learn to master the weak points of objects, if you attack there you will do more damage and get resources will be easier and faster.
If there are two objects nearby, place yourself in a position where you can attack the weak points of both easily and you will accelerate the process.
Stroll through the caves and look everywhere. In them are very valuable resources, but they can be hidden in the ceiling, the walls or the floor, so you will probably have to create small structures that will bring you closer to them.

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Find Treasures :

Without doubt the best way to find high-level schemes and resources, but require some attention and exploration, so it is recommended that in each mission you try to find treasures to move forward more easily.
You can find them in the form of pirate chests or big and small safes. Very attentive to these treasures because they contain very valuable loot.
Fine-tune your ear, as each time you pass close to one you will hear a kind of angelic sound, as if a miracle were hiding nearby. If you hear it, there is something nearby, start looking.
Keep in mind that many of these treasures may be behind fake walls, so if you do not find anything on a first walk around the area, start destroying things.
Normally they hide in the highest or lowest part of a building or cave, so you have to dig in the basements or create structures to climb to a roof and start chopping to make your way to them.

Find Survivors :

Although initially only limited to give you gifts, later the survivors will become a valuable currency that you can become heroes or allies, so better to get used to the beginning to find them.
 When passing next to one of them, it will be marked on the map. Take a look at it from time to time in case you missed one.
Like treasures, you can also listen to them if you are close, in this case in the form of cries for help.
If you think it’s close and you do not see it, look for areas with food and resources, they usually hide there.
If in spite of this you still can not find it, start breaking walls and floors, you may be trapped in a room without doors.
    Use the radars. You will find radars that will help you find survivors, but first you must build the building that supports them. It’s worth wasting time on it because, in addition, it will give you construction ideas.
Manage Inventory :
Your inventory is not infinite and, although we will not tell you to stop collecting resources, you should manage well for what and how you use them. These tips can help you.
    Do not accumulate things like a madman. It often happens with things like weapons and traps. The first recíclalas if you are not going to use them and, in the case of the second ones, take them to your main base.
     If you have more resources and you can take advantage of the plans to build weapons or traps, do it and go back to the previous step.
     If you have a plane, get rid of the weapons or traps that you can create with it. You will use it when you need it.
     Before a weapon is broken, recycle it to get objects.
Use the object’s chest of your base to save those resources that you can not use at the moment or that pistol that you can not take advantage of yet.
Attentive to the talents of the research tree, some will allow you to expand the capacity of your backpack or the chest of your base.

    To conclude, I shared some of fortnite tips and  tricks for beginners. If you have any doubts , share that in the comment box . Thank You !
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