3 Steps to Download ShareIt for PC/Mac/Windows 7/8/10(2019)

All we heard about SHAREit app. It is an application we use for transferring files, documents, music, videos, movies and much more with the help of Wi-Fi networks between mobile phones, tablets and PC(Personal Computer). 

It does not use your mobile data for transferring files. It works faster than blue tooth so it is easy to transfer file with SHAREit

Here we are going to tell you how to download Shareit for your PC(Private Computer). Here are some steps mentioned below using there steps you can easily download Shareit for PC

Shareit for pc download
(3 Steps to Download ShareIt for PC/Mac/Windows 7/8/10(2019) : Infographics)



How to download Shareit For PC & windows 10/8/8.1/7 ?

It is a easy process to download Shareit on your personal computer or laptop. You can download it on your computer like a normal window program without using Android emulator. Here are some easy steps to download shareit.



download shareit for pc 2019


  • After that click on the “download” option at the top of the page.


download shareit for pc 2019


  • Then select the option download for windows.


shareit for pc 2019 download


  • After downloading the app go to the download location on your computer/ laptop and agree to the Lenovo licensing agreement.

 You Can Directly Download ShareIt For PC (Latest Version 2019) here :

After installing the app here are the requirements to operates the app on your laptop, computer, or mobile as follows.


  • 512 MB RAM(Random Access Memory)
  • 50 MB free space
  • Intel premium IV or faster


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Shareit for Mac( Latest Version 2019)

Prior to this, we discussed how to download shareit on your laptop / personal computer. Now I am going to tell you about how to download shareit for Mac. You can easily download shareit on your iMac or MacBook computer. 
You can transfer files and documents from other devices using Shareit over Wireless LAN connection. After that you can transfer and receive files from other devices using this application.

Features of Shareit for iMac or MacBook :

Now take a look about features of Shareit for iMac and MacBook. Here are the features of Shareit for iMac or MacBook computer mentioned below.


1. High transfer rate


2. Multi-platform system


3. Multi-formats


4. No network restrictions


1. High transfer rate

Its speed is more than 20 Mbps. The high-speed of the application makes it easy to transfer and receive files from other devices in a short time period.

2. Multi-platform system

It can work on any platform. So it is not necessary to have the same type of device if you want to connect between them.


3. Multi-formats

It supports all formats of files. You can receive it transfer any type of file from one device to another device using Shareit.

4. No Network Restrictions

You do not need any network connection for sharing files from one device to another. 


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How to download Shareit for Mac (2019) ?

If you want to download the Shareit for Mac then first visit the official page of the application and select the green button mentioned below on the official page of the application.
How to install Shareit for Mac (2019) ?
Installing Shareit on your iMac or MacBook computer is very easy. It takes only a few minutes to install the Shareit on Mac. So follow these steps to install the app. 


  • First of all, find the download option on your computer.


  • Then double click on the installation file.


  • Click on the accept button.


  • Once all this process done you can use Shareit on Mac.
Hope you easily installed ShareIt on your PC . Let me me know if you faced any problem in comment box below !


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