Best Tips for Downloading YouTube Private Video easily with one click!

YouTube is one of most popular website all over the web. Since its launch YouTube has added several features to their website, which helps the daily users. One such feature is Private YouTube Video. And this helps the user to share the video with selected group of people to view or download. 

And today we are going to discuss about how to download a private YouTube Video !

YouTube have millions of videos uploaded by thousands of different people from all over the world. While looking through their channels you might sometime find that some of the videos are in accessible and cannot be viewed.
These are private videos and can be only viewed or downloaded if the channel owner has given explicit permission for the same and shared its link with you.
These videos don’t come up on the search list nor are they shown in the suggested videos. They can be downloaded by the method we will discuss below. If you do not have access to a private youtube video but you would still like to view and download, you will need to message the channel owner and ask for the link.

How To Download Private YouTube Videos?

Once you have acquired the private YouTube video link you will need to use a downloading tool called YouTube By Click. This tool allows you to download any video along with private YouTube videos.



In the first “Choose Folder” option it allows you to select the location where you want to keep the downloaded file.

In the second “Choose Format” option it allows you to select the output format of the file being downloaded. You will get several different file format to choose from.

In the third “Choose Quality” option you can select the quality of the video being downloaded. You select from High, Medium and custom settings.

The fourth option is the option where you will need to paste your private YouTube video link and once done it will ask for the user ID and password of the account it is associated with and when completed, it will start downloading the files.

How To Add A New Account On YouTube By Click?

Once you have completed downloading the private video you might want to download a new video which can be associated with a different account. In that case you will need to go to

Step 1 
Setting options and then Accounts

Step 2
Click on Edit account in order to change username and password.

Step 3
Click on Delete account if you want to delete the previously entered account.

Step 4
Click on Add account to add a new account and this account will be used every time when you try to download new videos.

Conclusion : 
I hope that answers the question about how to download private YouTube videos. I am going to make a separate post shortly on how to create a private YouTube video and post on

If you face any problem while downloading or using the program feel free to comment below and we will try to help you out with a solution ! Thank You !!

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