Best Cloud Hosting Providers (2019) : Detailed Information [Updated]

Many entities have started using cloud services to store data and where they could even access data easily like immigrant investor program Quebec which has digitalized the entire procedure of applicants making their online profile and giving the information.

It seems like that the cloud hosting has become the most favorite child of the web hosting now since so many organizations and entities have been increasing its demand. 


The hosting has been there for a while now but now it has gained the attraction it has always wanted and not just among big businesses but for smaller businesses too. 

Cloud hosting is spreading the sites across the different servers which is one of the unique hosting of all time as it allows you to do a lot of things which couldn’t be done via standard sharing.


Cloud hosting is kicking in the single server hosting model in a spectacular manner. Your website would be drawing resources from the multiple servers and you could be enjoying services without any limitations. 

The usage of multiple servers are giving advantages over the traditional way of hosting. If the website is experiencing traffic then there would resources pulled from another server which would slow down the load on the page or it would not let the site go down. You could very reliably scaling the resources up or down as you need.

There are different types of cloud hosting and then there are different types of pricing too. The traditional web hosts offer packages which are priced as any other web hosting packages. 

The advantage in these are that they are budget friendly for small businesses or people who are just doing a start up because there would be shortage of resources and wouldn’t want to put everything that they have into just cloud hosting only.

There are a lot of web hosts which provide monthly data transfers and there would be other factors involved too which would help you to choose from the different package and what is the best one which suits your business needs.

The another factor which should be given importance to is that the amount of storage that you are being offered because it is something which varies from different providers, the normal range varies anywhere from 100GB and 200GB.

[Updated] Best Cloud Hosting Provider (2019)

HostGator :


best cloud server hosting
A bunch of featured packed hosting plans is being offered and this is one of the most amazing shared hosting offering. It is good for people who are at novice level and they haven’t gained much experience as of yet.

TMDHosting :


best cloud server hosting
You would get strong security features and wouldn’t have to worry about the protection of the data. There are extensive domain management tools available with good quality of VPS and cloud hosting services. You would be getting the unlimited data transfer plans per month and if you are not satisfied with the services then there is money back guarantee too.


best cloud server hosting
An excellent dedicated and reseller VPS hosting plans for your business and the customer service is also commendable with the mine-craft server hosting.

Liquid Web :

best cloud server hosting

It is expensive but it lacks the shared web hosting. This is a flexible and feature packed online host while having amazing and outstanding customer service. So if you are stuck in an issue you won’t have to worry because the agents would solve your problems.

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