7 Things to Consider While Creating a Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos are indeed an interesting kind of animations used in many different industries as a marketing technique. It is mostly used by the marketers to deliver the complex ideas and concepts in an easy and understandable way. Now that you know the worth and usefulness of the whiteboard video animations, you must assure that the quality that you are providing matches the criteria of the purpose it has been created for and also the industry or company it’s been built.


For making an effectiveand perfect whiteboard video animation, it is necessary that you know that basic rules, and some other important points, which will be very useful while creating a whiteboard animation video. Try to remember the following essential points while you are making a whiteboard animation for any client.
1.  Convey Message Through Story :
People only take an interest in the drawings if it represents any story. Since everyone is living in different stories, we as human beings are attracted only to the storytellingpictures. If you combine the story’s scripts with a perfect picturing,it will be an ideal way to tell people the entire story.
2.  Create Suitable Characters :
Characters are the glue that helps the rhythm of the story together. Make sure that the characters you are creating are the perfect visual representation of any of your audiencepersona.
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3.  Follow the Custom :
While making the whiteboard animation video, always keep in mind to keep the entire thing traditional. You must know about the basic things that should be included in the whiteboard animation video. These are only three primary things that differ from the whiteboard animations from any other type of animations. You must be aware of these three most important features that every whiteboard animation must have that includes the white background, the continuous black drawings, and the drawing hand that draws the black sketches on the whiteboard.
4.  Throw In Some Colors :
It is allowed for the video animators to add some colors other than black to the whiteboard video animation drawings.The only thing that you need to make sure is that you only include the hints of a few colors and don’t add too many colors in one drawing. For example, if you are drawing whiteboard video animation sharks, then it will give the drawing a nice look to add a little grey color in the shark picture, or maybe if you are drawing a person, you can give a little color to his hair or shoes. This will look good and gives your drawing an attraction that your audience will definitely find interesting.
5.  Drawing The Drawing Hand Is Mandatory :
Since the drawing hand is one of the most vital features of the whiteboard video animation, as it gives a proper look to the whiteboard animation, it is mandatory that you should include it in your animations. Many animators do not add this feature to their work, which is a bad practice. Avoid missing out the drawing hand while making the whiteboard animations.
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6.  Use Emotional References :
Since whiteboard animations are used to deliver the difficulty in the uncomplicated form, it will signify whatever you wish it to imply. Try to use the audience’s feelings and reactions to tell the story of your whiteboard video animations, so that it affects their brain right away.
7.  Interlink All The Drawings :
Drawings of the whiteboard video animations are always linked with each other.While making the drawings for the whiteboard animations, keep in mind that you must draw the pictures with a flow and technique that they are interconnected with each other in order to provide continuously  to the imagesas well as to the story.
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