Top 7 Link Building Tactics For Newbies (2020)

Out of all the SEO tips and tricks, link building is considered the most important one for any website. I cannot say that it is the easiest thing to do, but one needs to create a link in order to give their website the proper ranking.
However, if you follow certain steps, you will be able to generate links for your website, easily.

So, here are 7 link building tactics that you could follow in order to help your website grow.

* Writing about Current Topics


First thing first, do research and find out what is trending in your field of interest. Once you get to know about that, try to write on that topic only. 

Now, the question will come to your mind that how this will help in getting the required link? 


Well, when we use the term trending, it is understood that the topic has recently come up and that not much info is available on that. Therefore, it will help you in the creation of links.

* Writing blogs


If you have not yet started a blog for your website, then what are you waiting for? 


As I mentioned in our earlier point, that writing about the current topics will do the work. So, to write the content you should first start the blog.

* Collaborations


To build the proper link for your website, you can collaborate with the top bloggers of your field. 

link building tactics

This definitely is not going to work overnight and you really need to work for it. Try to visit their website frequently and do certain things that can make them understand that you are interested in them. 

After that, there will come a day when you could actually collaborate with them and can build a link for your website.

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* Mentions in Backlinks

If you have started working for your website already, then you will come to know that there are times when people mention the name of your website in their content. 

In such cases, you should go to them and should ask them to turn on the mentions in backlinks. There are a lot of tools available for figuring out this.

* Audiovisual Components

Every blogger understands the importance of audiovisual component in any content, now a day. In the first place, they make your content look presentable and secondly, they could easily be used to build up links.  Any good SEO company Mumbai will suggest you the same.

* Data and Surveys

Like the images and videos that you add in your content, data and surveys too are important. 

link building tactics


They work the same as the images. First, they make your content more authentic and then it helps you in building up the required link for your website.


* Quality Backlinks

For the creation of quality backlinks, you first need to search for the websites that are on the top of the list. Now, to create the backlinks you need to go these content creators, email them personally and tell them about your content. They can provide you the backlinks.


With these tricks, you can actually generate a link for your website. after reading them, you will feel that link building is actually not that difficult that it seems to be.


Do let me know if you have any further queries in comment section below ! Thank You !!

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