IGTV: What Marketers Need to Know ?

Are you thinking to utilize Instagram videos in the marketing?
Wish to make use of IGTV for delivering the long videos to the Instagram audience?
Discover here what is Instagram IGTV and the best tips of using this feature in the marketing. 

IGTV: What Marketers Need to Know ?


1: Set Up an IGTV Channel

IGTV is one the most unusual feature and is very supportive for desktop access. 
Thus, you can set up an IGTV channel of your own on desktop or mobile. For mobile, you need to install an app which is separate than the app of Instagram.While for desktop, you are required to log in to Instagram.com.
2: Upload your Videos on IGTV


IGTV is the video platform, and unluckily, you are no able to record the videos directly in this app. You can just upload the external video files on the channel.  

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After you have uploaded your video, it becomes available to be viewed by each of your Instagram follower. Your existing follower will start to follow your channel automatically and can unfollow only when it unfollows your account. 

IGTV suggests also multiple videos for each user of app, growing the chances of owning your content spread for new followers who take interest in similar content as yours.

There are few limitations as video is uploaded through mobile:
– The videos should be of at least 10 seconds
– They must not exceed 10 minutes. Instagram videos can be saved to the device and are not viewed in gallery of the videos to be uploaded.

Give a descriptive title to your videos which intrigues the viewers to watch them. 

Be aware of the length of title. It must not be more than 25 characters, thus keep them short or add a descriptive info at the start of title.

After making the first IGTV video, you can notice its icon in highlighted row of the mobile. Tap on the icon and your channel will be opened and you can list of the videos.
many accounts upload videos which are limited in length of 15 secs to 10 min. as mentioned by help center of Instagram, the large and verified account own an ability of uploading the videos of length up to 1 minutes, if they upload through desktop. Unluckily, there is no definition of the large accounts.

3: Best Practices do with IGTV Video

Instagram encourages its users for uploading the new and unique videos on IGTV. By keeping the minimum length of videos to be uploaded to 15 seconds, you simply can’t re-purpose the video stories on IGTV. Also, by keeping limitation of uploading videos through external sources, Instagram presumes that you have made separate videos to upload on the channel.
For creating effective ideas to the IGTV channel, following are few tactics you can imply in video uploading and editing.

4: Avoid Distracting Audio or Loud Intros

Each of the video on channel starts playing instantaneously when seen. Users, most likely, have to keep audio switched on and are ready for listening to the videos.

Dissimilar to other platforms where it becomes significant to think that the videos might be played without audio, you need more freedom of creating videos which need audio on IGTV. As the videos get auto played, but, distracting noises or loud intros can lead the viewer’s possibility to swipe down. 

Interviews, voice overs, and interviews use good strategies for audios.


5: Include Clickable Links along with Video Descriptions

The URL mentioned in any of the video description of IGTV is the clickable link, which shows that you can catch traffic to your website or the URL you have added.

As IGTV is a new thing to many users and most people may think that they can’t click on this link, or even there is no readable description, it would be advantageous to add some attractive comments or instructing lines for viewers to click on link https://smmpoint.com or open the description.

The video retention can be a great challenge, thus adding CTA(Call To Action) for clicking on the link in the video can ensure users to see or hear your videos. This will also ease your followers after you Instagram Package.

6: Add Hashtags in your Video Descriptions


It is the golden rule to use hashtags on Instagram to get more views and exposure.

IGTV doesn’t have an exception for this rule. You can add hashtags in the video description of IGTV and the video may appear in the search results of the hashtags you have added. Viewer who click on the video given in search results will watch the video as the IGTV video.


7: Review Video Insights of Your IGTV

A part of any of the good strategy is to do analysis of the results of the content. Luckily, you can do this by using the video insights of the IGTV and know directly that how much your followers love you!

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