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What is PUBG Mobile APK?

As we know about the pubg game. Nowadays it is the most popular game among youngsters. The game is a strategic action game. In this game, two gamers coordinate with each other for being the last victor. The idea of the game is based on the kill or be killed. The goal of the game is to survive all the other 99 opponents.

There are two modes in this game one is defensive mode and the second one is attacking mode. The game provides the best graphics to their users. The makers of the game still working on it to make it better than before. One season(5th season) of the game is same as the environment of the resident evil. The game starts in a chopper with 100 players. All players have to jump off with their parachutes after the first signal. There is a glimpse of the most popular Hunger game in pubg game. Both of the games are based on the same concept.

In this game, the gamer has to create bonds and make friends but that main goal of the game is to be the last surviving force on the island.  So for being the last living soldier, you have to first eliminate all the 99 opponents first. Same as Katniss or Everdeen you have to grab weapons using your strategy. The gamer has to keep exploring the island by going through road, hill stations, houses, and many more places. But the one thing that gamers should always remember that their back must be covered otherwise any players can strike.

So all this we told you it’s all about the game. Now in this article we are going to give you some important details about pubg mobile apk.  We are going to tell you about features of the pubg game, downloading requirements, download process, gameplay, and tips that you can use while playing game. Now comes on the features of the pubg game.

Download PUBG Mobile Apk :

Here we are giving you a link to download pubg mobile apk file. So for downloading it click on the link mentioned below

pubg mobile apk download

Features of PUBG :

  • The most important thing of all multiplayer’s game is they all woks well when gamers interact with each other properly. As we know all the games provide the option of multiplayer. But all of them generally believe in the fact that the gamer should use texts to convey their messages. So at important stages of goes typing messages become challenging. Majority of times this is the only reason why gamers lose the game. So the maker of PUBG game presents this game for gamers with a best gaming experience. The game has a option of real time chatting with your squad if you want to chat. This is the first game ever where you can actually speak with other team mates while playing the game. This will help them to create strategies and planning to win the game.
  • As we told you earlier that it is strategic action game. The game is a combination of unmatched action, and thrill. Because of the graphics used in the game. The makers used powerful engine 4 which creates a kind of jaw dropping visual environment for the gamers. It is a combination of rich detail and massive depth. The makers of the pubg also provides high definition map for the gamers. They also offers play back audios for the gamers. That is why gamer feels as they are in real time battle field. The makers use high quality audio sound like 3D effect and 7.1 chhanel surround sound.

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  • As a gamer you all know that a game becomes boring when gamer uses same type of weapons. So the gamers of this game have decided to give their gamers a evergreen gaming experience. That is why the spend lot of their resources in designing the weapons. The gamer can collect these weapons during the game. As we told you that each weapons has its own strength and weakness such range of shooting. So the gamer have to use these weapons carefully during the gameplay.
  • The game also provides unique collection of vehicles. So that you can use these vehicles when you need to explore the island or to locate your enemies faster. The game provides variety of cars, motorbikes and motor car for the ride. As we told that using these vehicles you can chase your enemies in the play zone. But when are driving any vehicle then you are visible to your enemies so they can attack on you and bomb your vehicle also. So you need to use a mastermind strategy.
  • So comes on the last feature of the game as we all know what is cheating. And when it comes to multiplayer game play then it is become the major problem faced by the many gamers. So the gamers great a anti cheat mechanism in the game. It guarantee a fair game whether you are a starter or a professional.

PUBG Mobile APK Details :

APP Name PUBG Mobile
Latest Version 0.12.0
Publish Date 17-04-2019
Requirements Android 4.3+

Features in PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Update :

– All new modes will be under this category

Darkest Night
– Stay alive for one night while fighting zombies

Survive Till Dawn:
– New weapons, monsters and systems. Difficulty has also been tuned
– Players can now spectate matches of their friends, Crew or Clan members and adjust Spectator Mode privacy settings
– Portable Closets can now be swapped in combat
– Added Spring Theme and Treasure event


How to download and Install PUBG Mobile apk?

Now comes on the download and installation process of pubg mobile apk file. Here we are giving you a link for downloading pubg mobile apk. Just by clicking on it you can download pubg mobile apk. Tap on the button mentioned below.

pubg mobile apk

Steps To Follow after Downloading :

  1. Now tap on the ok to start the downloading process for the apk.
  2. After the completion of the downloading process, the gamer shall be directed to the installation page.
  3. Now click on the install button to start the installation process of pubg mobile apk file. After the completion of the installation process you can enjoy this amazing game.

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Tips for PUBG:

In order to fit-up all the gamers for the game. We provide some tips for the gamers so that they can easily play the game. So now have look.

  • First Choose the Perfect Place to Land:

    As the first rule is that you have to land at the place where is sufficient stuff available to loot. These are the best place to land such as military are, base camp, power plant or different major towns. But it is not that easy because all the experienced players will  also leading the way. Always remember that at these places majority of players land. So be careful you need to find any safe area such as buildings where you can find some stuff to loot and protection at the same time. If you can not find such type of building then land your parachute at any safe place.


  • Golden Rule of Business: Loot First  :

    Everyone is lead on to go on all offensive when they get their first weapon. But remember when you are playing solo game the once dead means dead throughout the game so before going offensive think about chances of your and your team survival. You have to collect more stock such as health kits and many more things.  Remember one thing taking back pack is also very important so upgrade level 3 for making room for better gears. After collecting sufficient stuff now you can attack on enemies.

Know Your Weapons and Shoot only when in Range:

The most common error in games is when gamer shots without knowledge. Which means you have to know when to hide from enemies and when to attack on them. All the weapons you use in this game has its own range of shooting. If you use these weapons over the range then you will definitely miss the target.

  • Learn to Keep an Eye on the Map:

In this game reading map is a very important part of the game. It is as important as playing game. The map gives you information about all diminishing areas. Like the safe areas are mentioned as a circle in the map. It will keep shrinking during many stages of game. If the gamer remains outside of the place for a long then there are more chances the areas will end up being dead. So it is very important for you to keep an eye on the map while playing game.

  • Try Grabbing a Vehicle :

When gamer need to commute on another location then using a vehicle is a better way. They are located throughout the map. Specially near big cities/towns. So you can use a vehicle to locate your enemies faster.

Wrapping up:

The game takes gamers on the journey of the island. Where they have to jumped off from the chopper fight and for being the last survivor by defeating all the 99 opponents. The game is designed with the best graphics and multiplayer where you enjoy the experience of the battles.

You can create a team of best players and prepare them for war with players all across the world. You can also choose specially crafted weapons and vehicles for your team. But the gamers can only collect these weapons and vehicles during game play using their strategy. As we told you this is a strategic game totally based on your strategy. The article is for those who are unable to download basic version of pubg game.

They can download pubg mobile apk version as this version is same as the basic version of the pubg game and provide all basic features of pubg game. Hope this article will helpful for all of you.

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