SBI Net Banking Online Registration Process(2020)

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2020)
Hello everyone here our come back with this new article. In this article, I am going to tell you about SBI Net Banking online registration process. The article is very helpful for peoples who are living in another city and have a bank account in another city. 
So in this article, I am going to tell you how you can complete the online registration process of SBI net banking


Advantages of SBI Net Banking Online Registration

Here are some advantages to SBI Net Banking online registration

  • You can transfer money from your bank account to another bank account. 
  • You can create your PPF account. 
  • You can also request for the checkbook.
  • You can see the statement of your bank account. 
  • You can also see your loan statement and at the same time you can request online to close it.
  • You can pay your bills using this service like your utility bill, different types of taxes. 

Disadvantages of SBI Net Banking

As we all know there is always pros and cons of everything. So , if  there are advantages of SBI Net Banking then there is also some disadvantages of SBI internet banking

  • The biggest disadvantage of net banking is the chances of fraud increases rapidly now days many hackers get your account details just by sending you mail
  • The second disadvantage of internet banking is that it needs an internet connection and a computer and nowadays not everyone has an internet connection and computer.
  • It is not equivalent to bank because you can not deposit or withdrawn cash by using internet banking


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How to apply for SBI Net Banking Online Registration ?

If you want to apply for SBI Net Banking online registration then you must have these three things at first,

  • Your mobile number should be registered in your bank. 
  • SBI Account Passbook is compulsory if you are going to apply for online registration process of SBI Net Banking. 
  • And the last one is your ATM Card because without it you can not apply for SBI Net banking online registration.
sbi net banking registration 2019

Here are some steps mentioned below by following these steps you can easily complete the SBI Net Banking online registration process.

  • First, go to the official website of SBI.
  • Now click on new user registration after that a new pop up will open with a message(If you already have SBI Net Banking then do not use this link), click on OK.
  • After that, a registration form will appear on your screen. You have to fill the complete information needed in the form like branch code, CIF number of your bank account.
  • Fill all the transactions right facility required option and click on the submit button. 
  • After that, you will receive an OTP(One Time Password) on your registered mobile number. If you didn’t receive any OTP then click on resend OTP option and you will receive your OTP through SMS. 
  • After OTP confirmation there are two options appears on your screen, and you have to choose one. 
  • The first option is that you have an ATM card(online registration without branch visit).
  • The second option is that you do not have an ATM card (Activation by branch visit).
  • Select the first option and click on the submitbutton.
  • Now a payment gateway of SBI will open so that you can check your SBI Net Banking by doing the transaction of Rs 1
  • Fill the details of your ATM card and click on the submit button. 
  • Now SBI will provide you a username, but you have to choose your password.
  • You have to enter the password twice and then click on the submit button. 

After completion of the whole process, you will receive a message that you have successfully registered yourself for SBI Net Banking and your username will be sent on your registered mobile number through SMS. 

Remember that the first login of SBI Net Banking is very important so carefully login into SBI Net banking and activate your account.


How to Activate SBI Net Banking ?

Now I am going to tell you how to activate SBI Net Banking? Here are some steps mentioned below by following them you can easily activate SBI Net Banking

  • After completing the SBI Net Banking Online Registration now close the current tab and open a new tab to login your  SBI Net Banking with your generated username and password (that you created at that time.
  • Now you can activate your SBI Net Banking by using that username or password. 
  • After login into your SBI Net Banking, a dialogue box will open and it will ask you for changing your username and password
  • So choose your new password and user name and click on the confirm button. 

After completing the whole process full transaction rights will be given to you two-three days.


Here comes on conclusion hope this article will helpful for you to register yourself for SBI Net Banking. So if you are an SBI customer then you can easily use SBI Net Banking  and enjoy all the services provided by SBI to their customers.

Hope this will help you so much. Do let me know if you have any further more queries in comment box below . Thank You !!

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