Get Known Top 5 Best App Lockers for Android Phones in 2018

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2019)
Today we will know about the top free security applications for Android, through which you will be able to secure all the information, photos or videos. Many people nowadays carry some very important information on their phone. There are a lot of people who have a very bad habit of checking other peoples mobile in their absence. 


To lock apps such as Whats App, Facebook, Gallery, Settings and other private apps in your phone you must have to download an App Lock if you this feature is not given by your mobile phone. If you want to keep your personal information safe in your phone such as photos, bank details, Whats App then download app locker in your phone.
Even if your phone does not touch by anyone besides you still you must have to use one app locker. Suppose your phone is lost or stolen, at that time it will keep all your information and pictures safe. Apart from this, sometimes children’s do delete your important files unconsciously so it will also keep children away from your phone.
So let’s know about top 5 App Lockerapplications !
 Here are the Top 5 Best App Lockers for your Android Phone :
#1 Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault:
The Hexlock-app provides awesome security to your phone. Through it, you can lock your social app, gallery and another private app. Its excellent main feature is parental controls, through which you can keep your phone’s settings safe from children so they cannot delete your phone data or files without your permission. 
With 4.3 rating, this app is available free on 9apps app store. Media Vault can hide photos, videos, files. No one can uninstall this app without your permission because it can be protected with a password.
#2 AppLock:
This is also one of the very best app locker applications. AppLock keeps all your private apps, files, images, videos safe. One can use a password, PIN, fingerprint to lock screen. 
With its advanced setting, it can also be made uninstall protected. Its best feature is attracting lock theme which makes your lock screen very attractive. 
#3 Smart Lock Free:
This is also a great option for protecting your photos and apps. Smart Lock keeps the phone smartly secure.
This app can also lock the auto rotate screen as well. No one can see any locked apps, files, images, videos locked by this great app
#4 CM Locker Repair Privacy Risks:
The attractive theme with the app lock system makes this app one of the favorite and best. 
In this app locker, powerful feature such as Intruder Selfie, Anti-Theft Protection has been given. There is also a feature like a phone booter & battery saver along with app lock. 
#5 Visidon AppLock Plus:
Visidon-app lock-plus offers different lock feature compare to other app locker app. You can use your face as a password to unlock the app. 
This means that your face recognition is required to unlock the app. This feature makes it different from others. You will also need to provide the password in it, so that if face recognition does not work, then password can unlock the app.
Conclusion :
In fourth generation, the more you get easy all things at your home, the more you should be secured. So, in this article, I shared the top 5 best app lockers for your android smartphone. Hope, this will definitely help you future. 
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